Dog Rescue: Socrates

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Socrates was rescued from his life as a stray and found a loving home, thanks to the working partnership between Eldad Hagar’s Hope for Paws and the Bill Foundation.

The song I Wanna Go Home by Derek Luttrell is available for download for $1 HERE, with proceeds going to help Hope For Paws in their work saving dogs.


8 thoughts on “Dog Rescue: Socrates”

  1. Hi Victoria, guess you have a lot of time to make up all your lies about rescuers while watching your garlic grow?

    • Hello, I am trying to locate this person that goes by the name Michelle Shaw but it looks like her real name might be Victoria Uszenski. She is terrorizing several rescues and we have build a case against her which will hopefully put her out of the lying business. Can you please contact me at my email to provide more information about her? Anything you know that will help us locate her to serve her court papers.

  2. You’re an idiot Joseph Dimetri. If you actually took the time to do real research, you would know that your information is completely inaccurate. All I can do is laugh at your ignorance you stupid fool. hahahahaha…. I feel so sorry for you, you really are a special kind of idiot.

  3. Michelle, I would like to talk to you. I believe Victoria is and has always been a huge scam artist. She is a freak. Hiding behind her kids religious beliefs. I think she would steal from anyone given the opportunity. She has many men in her path of destruction that attest to that. But the once young lady is now an old lady with nothing to offer that she hasn’t taken from someone else.


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