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Dogs Shares Mothering Duties for Litter of Kittens


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A litter of kittens in Tennessee not only has two mamas, but one is a cat and the other is a dog.

A dog named Chloe, in Luttrell, Tennessee, is pitching in to help with mothering duties for a litter of kittens born to the family cat, aptly named Momma Cat.

Rebecca Thomas said, “She had puppies back in August. They all survived. She nursed them all. She was really good to them, really good mom,”

“I saw one [kitten] nursing and I thought oh, it’s not going to get any milk. It needs to nurse on mommy. We’ve got to stop this. I pulled it away and saw milk and realized the kitten’s fine, it’s getting milk,” said Thomas.

Chloe is very protective of the kittens and shows concern if Momma Cat and any of the kittens are out of her sight.