Disabled Vet And His Service Dog Kicked Out Of Gun Store

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When a disabled veteran walked into a gun store in Athens, Georgia with his service dog he was not only asked to leave but then banned from the store after a confrontation with the store owner.

Russ Murray was serving in Afghanistan when his Humvee was blown up by an explosive. He suffered both back and brain injuries from the incident. His post-traumatic stress disorder is so severe that he used to be afraid to leave his home. Then Ellie, a service dog, came into his life. For the past year she has been by his side.

When Murray went into Clyde’s Armory over the weekend the owner, Andrew Clyde, told him that Ellie was disturbing his security dog Kit and that Ellie was not allowed in the store. Murray was escorted out by employees when he tried to refuse to leave. “I was just extremely hurt,” said Murray. “I have this animal to help me when I’m out and it is really disturbing that a business would do that when she’s there to help me go into public.”

Clyde maintains that under the Americans With Disabilities Act, a business owner can ask a customer with a service dog to leave if the dog is being disruptive. Clyde insisted he couldn’t allow Kit to be distracted by another dog to the point she would not be able to do her job.

Murray’s attorney, John Beasley says Clyde should’ve made accommodations and could have brought merchandise outside the store to show a customer. “The issue is whether or not he was accommodated for a service dog and clearly he wasn’t, and that’s a violation of the law,” said Beasley.

Murray hopes his story will make other businesses to be aware of the law and welcome him and Ellie into their businesses.

26 thoughts on “Disabled Vet And His Service Dog Kicked Out Of Gun Store”

  1. Per the ongoing discussions about the right to own guns-here is a veteran who paid dearly for his service but has PTSD to the point of at one time being afraid to leave home. His injuries were to his back and to his brain. He of all people should have their constitutional rights. But is he stable enough to own a gun? Just wondering what people think?

    • ok anonymous, just because someone has PTSD, it does NOT mean they are unstable. There are thousands of vets, and non vets with PTSD who are perfectly “stable” enough to own a gun…if you go with the “they have PTSD, they must be mentally unstable” philosophy, you’d be greatly mistaken. This kind of attitude is what has people who suffer from PTSD from coming forward and getting treatment, or admitting that they do suffer from it. That is a narrow minded way of looking at things and honestly insulting. As a vet who suffers from this condition, I question YOUR stability if this is how you see PTSD sufferers.

  2. So one cannot enter a gun store to look around? There has to be an automatic assumption that he is there to buy a gun?

  3. It sounds like the business owner was just trying to protect everyone in the store, but really, you can’t put your guard dog up while an individual that fought for this country is browsing! Where’s the humanity? I must say though, if I knew my dog was in potential danger I would not sit around to argue my case with the owner. Protection of the life that protects your own goes both ways.

    • protect everyone in the store ??? from what a disabled vet , a service dog ,ect… oh maybe from his own ??(visious) guard dog thats the most rediculos thing ive heard … this store owner like some other is just an ass and deserves to pay the heafty lawsuit hes gonna get i hope he has to pay support to this dog for the rest of its life so he can do his job worry free from ever needing to have his owner suffer a financial tight spot for his care again good luck i hope you win millions
      and just cowering and walking away just lets these type of people to think they can keep doing these types of acts shame on this store owner i hope he gets what he deserves

  4. I owned a retired security/police service dog and even in retirement he NEVER let another animal deter him from my directives. He was always observant without being confrontational and NEVER became aggressive unless given his cue. NEVER. The fact that this man’s “security dog” was disturbed by another dog is proof that he either didn’t have a trained security dog or he was screwed out of his money by who ever claimed to have trained the dog. True service dogs are NEVER supposed to be banned while with their owners because they are trained to be in EVERY situation in any kind of public or private location.

  5. The government gave him a gun to go and kill people he didn’t know but now he is not allowed to have rights he put his life on the line so people like that store owner could be in business


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