Firefighters Rescue Dog From Ravine

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Firefighters in Akron, Ohio went above and beyond this week to save a dog that had fallen into a ravine and broken two of its legs.

On Tuesday afternoon a woman called reporting that her 15-year-old dog Chauncee had been missing for over a day. Akron fire captain followed up on the call by talking with neighbors who reported that they heard Chauncee barking all night long in a nearby ravine.

Firefighters and Metroparks rangers spent two hours searching the area until they heard Chauncee barking for help. They found Chauncee covered in debris at the bottom of a creek bed. He was unable to walk and in obvious pain. Two firefighters put Chauncee on his shoulder and carried him to safety. Once safely out of the ravine Chauncee was taken to Sigler Animal Hospital where he was found to have two broken legs.

3 thoughts on “Firefighters Rescue Dog From Ravine”

  1. Horrible title. Above and beyond?! I call it all in a day’s work. How about, “Local Firefighters did a great job locating and rescuing lost and injured dog”. Glad they found him and is on the mend.

    • No, I’d say they went above and beyond. It’s not in a fire fighters job description to go door to door and interview people to locate a lost dog. They definitely went above and beyond. It’s unfortunate that some of the public feel so entitled, to think that it’s all in days work for fire fighters to locate and rescue someones pet.


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