Reunions: Dog Struck by Car Presumed Dead, Returned to Owners After Ten Months

Just a great news story. Imagine if it were you. Those of us who have witnessed the tragedy of a dog death by car can understand how strong the desire would be to find, and help your own dog. The tears are understandable.


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16 thoughts on “Reunions: Dog Struck by Car Presumed Dead, Returned to Owners After Ten Months

  1. SWEET! dogs and their give me hope for the rest of the inhabitants of this planet. Miracles do exist!

    mr. author… why does my contact info NOT enter into the comment places automatically. Ok, call me lazy…but sometimes i don’t comment because of it!

  2. What an absolutely amazing story!! There is nothing in the world like losing a beloved pet and getting them back when you thought they were gone would be so good.

  3. When my pets died, I had dreams of them coming back, so healthy and full of vigor. Its as though their death was just a nightmare…but then Id wake up and realized I was only dreaming. Im glad to that Zoe’s story is a real happy ending.

  4. Incredible! So glad this story had a happy ending. She is an amazing dog, I wonder what she has been doing for the last 10 months? Love it, thanks

  5. Apparently I’m getting cynical in my old age. I only saw someone actually touch the dog once in the whole video. You would have a hard time interviewing me if it was my dog through the fur in my face as I was kissing them a million times over for all the ones I lost while they were gone. Huge YAY for the rescue people that found her though.

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