Caged Dog Shot Six Times by Owner on the Mend‎: Abusers Arrested

An Ohio dog warden says a German Shepherd is one tough pup after surviving six gunshots to his head, neck and chest. Witnesses tell police the dog’s owner and another man took turns shooting the dog while he howled in his cage. Lawerence Mick, 57, and Adams Collins, 35 both face charges and potential jail time if convicted.

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39 thoughts on “Caged Dog Shot Six Times by Owner on the Mend‎: Abusers Arrested

  1. I know this is a family show, so aopologies in advance.

    Mother F*cker what I wouldn’t do for 15 mintues alone with either of those pieces of sh*t!! And I wouldn’t need a gun, maybe a baseball bat though.

  2. I think they should be shot 6 times in the head ! It’s so disturbing to know there are people out there who would want to abuse innocent animals. Don’t they know that they are the reason for their dogs behavior.

    I really hope the government would have a firmer legislation when it comes to owning a dog or any sort of pets. The abuse has to stop and the penalty should be heavier to those that take pets life lightly.

  3. I will never ever be able to understand what goes on inside the mind of truly cruel people like these two. It’s just sick, sick, sick.

    1. Exactly what went through my mind. I’m devastated by the realization that it is highly probable that it will be far less…

      1. Yeah, “probable jail time” got to me too. Put ’em in a cell with a 250 lb dog lover I say. And I’m also saddened at how small the kennel is that the GSD is recuperating in. I do hope the dog ends up in a loving home!

  4. I will never begin to understand some people and the way they treat animals. These two so called men should be locked up for a long time.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. POSSIBLE jail time? Those two should never, ever see the light of day. And they should get huge, strong, mean cellmates and disinterested guards. And that would be letting them off easy. That kind of sadism can’t be cured or rehabilitated. Let them spend the rest of their miserable lives in cages and mistreated while they are there.

    I think I’m going to be a little sick now.


  6. Put the two idiots in a little tiny cage and do the same to them…..and that wouldn’t be good enough for what they did.

  7. How about a teeny jail cell for each one of them, and then let other cellmates abuse them while they can’t escape??

    I hope Sarge can be rehabilitated, both his wounds and his history of biting (hopefully it’s not as bad as his “owners” tell it), and I sincerely hope he finds a better home.

    I would venture a guess that his doting owners provoked him into biting? Jes’ sayin’.

  8. Potential jail time? this just makes me sick! when are we as a society going to wake up and hold monsters like these two accountable?

  9. This is one of those times for an eye for an eye. Repeating, but – let’s put the two guys in a cage and shoot them in the head, neck, chest 6 times. Let’s see how they like that and if they make it through it.


  10. bastards!! i hope they get shot in the kneecaps and left to crawl to safety. if they don’t get jail time i will be physically ill.

    poor dog. i hope he gets the love and respect he deserves and i hope those two monsters that shot him die slow painful deaths.

  11. those to subhumans need to be put in a cage and let folks take pot shots at them. About 50 miles from Raleigh in Fayetteville, NC there is a darling little 9 week old pit bull mix recovering from being set a fire because another subhuman was made with his wife. The dog belonged to her. Luckily she got to the puppy quickly but he had lots of blisters. Currently he is in the Cumberland Co. animal shelter receiving care and will be up for adoption in a few weeks. He is so precious and loves being held by the workers. Animals are very forgiving…hopefully he is young enough not to suffer any trauma
    Madi and Mom

  12. I agree with Everyone! Unfortunately these horrid “men” will probably only have to pay a small fine. The laws do need to be changed. But until then I am sure they will just walk away and learn or feel nothing for what they have done.

    Thank goodness the dog will recover and be able to be rehab’d.

    Such a damn, sad, shame. Blu

  13. Un effen beleivable.

    I think that guy with the baseball bat from Inglorious Basterds needs to pay those two a visit. Then if there is anything left you all can shoot the cowardly losers in the cage. You will all be applauded, just make sure those two idiots do not survive.

    What the F is wrong with people.

  14. Unfortunately (being in Ohio) these guys will likely be charged with discharging a firearm within city limits and the animal cruelty charge will be dropped. Good thing the news showed their faces… I don’t think anyone around that area will let them cut in line at the Wal-mart anytime soon.

  15. I am sickened and (almost) speechless-how can we as a nation not protect our animals and children better?!! There should be automatic jail sentences for anyone committing such an atrocity. There is no excuse for not severely punishing people who show such deplorable character. I think they are the scum of the earth, and I wish we could get together and force our nations leaders and lawmakers to put some teeth into sentencing these gutless pukes. On another note-anybody see the outcome of the case in New York of the marine who kicked his girlfriends dog so hard he broke six ribs and the dog lost an eye? The girlfriend said people should get over it because “it’s just a dog!!” Wouldn’t you love to send her the “just a dog” video link?!!! After giving her a serious kick to the ribs?!

  16. Sarge, the dog in this article, is not up for adoption or able to go to a rescue group. The girlfriend of the scum bag who shot him said he is aggressive. If you would like you can call the animal warden and ask that he be allowed a second chance.

  17. WHAT the heck do you mean “if convicted” WHY isn’t it WHEN convicted. Then they should throw away the keys!

  18. I agree that we need tougher penalties for these creeps who harm, torture, and kill these beautiful animals. Does anyone know what became of Nitro’s Law ? Our family has been blessed with 5 Golden Retrievers over the past 16 years and there isn’t one that deserved more that a verbal scolding once in a while. If you don’t want to train your dog and spend time with them so they can learn proper behavior then why do you even want one?

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