Just One Dog, Part 2: Stanley’s Story

The following arrived in my inbox last night: My name is Cathy Stanley and I am the cocker rescuer who first came upon Stanley in the shelter…

*If you have not seen part one, this post will be lost on you. Please start here.

So many of you asked what happened to Stanley, and I was uncertain. Then the following arrived in my inbox last night:

My name is Cathy Stanley and I am the cocker rescuer who first came upon Stanley in the shelter. In fact, the very first time I laid eyes on him was through the video lens. You will see the video camera walking along the rows of shelter kennels, that was how I was viewing the dogs, through the lens. When I came upon the white pit bull, I stopped dead in my tracks and put the camera down. He was too painful to just pass over.

Well, then I made the video and the rest just snow balled. I hope your readers enjoy the follow up video, it has been six months in the making as Stanley’s story further played out and the ripple effect that he has had to inspire other people everywhere to go out to their local shelters and find the most sad and pathetic and ugly dog they can, and rescue their own “just one dog”.

31 thoughts on “Just One Dog, Part 2: Stanley’s Story

  1. Thank you for showing this update and making me bawl all over again. lol Such wonderful happy endings. I wish they could all be like this. Maybe someday they will. Peace

  2. I think I remember seeing Part 1, but this was my first time learning of the conclusion to Stanley’s ordeal. The bizarre thing is that Port Alberni is on Vancouver Island where I live, and Stanley is only about 3 or 4 hours from me.

    Respect-A-Bull.com Rocks!!

    Yay Stanley!! =)

  3. Dear Neil, I’m not going to watch the videos because my mascara will run down my cheeks and it will take me forever to clean that up again, but I’m so glad this story has a happy ending. You, my friend, are the best! And not only for bringing these stories to our attention 😉
    Big hug!

  4. Awesome – so glad you were able to get this part of the story. We hope many more “Stanleys” have success stories too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. I’ve rescued for 16 years, and this is the best rescue story I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing!
    Peace, Love, Rescue

  6. Beautifully done and link sent to just about everyone I know including the very tiny rescue group I work with that right now is struggling with deciding if we continue or not. Stanley reminds me so much of my Louie especially the comment about “lifeless eyes” . Louie’s were also lifeless and now are “life filled” (www.louiecc.blogspot.com) Okay I’m now smiling and bawling at the same time.


  7. I watched Stanley’s video a while back and cried over it. So many great animals die needlessly every day. The older, the sick, the scared — they generally die. It’s great whenever one or more are rescued and given a life. Thanks for posting this.


  8. I don’t remember the first part of Stanley’s story although I’m sure I must’ve read it as I read all the links on your blog and comment on most of them.

    I wish all the Stanley’s of the world had a happy ending.

  9. It is so good to see a good story like this one. I rescued a dog last year that had a messed up eye and nobody wanted. She guards me and the house now like we are the world to her.

  10. Neil, you’re kilin’ me. I’m a blubbery mess AGAIN. Sheesh.

    Honestly, I sure wish we could transform our 27 acres into some kind of rescue, but I don’t think my husband is on the same page as I am. I was accused of being an “activist” the other day, which if you knew me, you would laugh. I defended myself by simply saying “well, it bothers me”. (We were discussing horses in kill pens at auctions and going to slaughter in double decker cattle transport trucks.) This issue of dogs in high-kill shelters “bothers” me too, so I guess I’ll stand as accused, an activist. I’m hoping I can truly live up to my accused name at some point in the future. 🙂

  11. I LOVE YOU STANLEY!! This story touched my heart – I fell in love with this boy from the moment I saw him on FB. I posted and posted and posted his story on FB and hoped with all my heart that he would have a happy ending. And when I found out he was rescued I did a happy dance for him. May this angel live long and live happy <3

  12. What an inspriational story! I am SO happy Stanley and others, because of him, got a second chance! Lets all do our little part to help the rest of them out there. WAY TO GO, STANLEY! Have a happy life! Many thanks to all who had a part in this rescue.

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