Mademoiselle Nobs: Pink Floyd Jams with a Dog

Nobs and Pink Floyd bring you the Borzoi blues…

A live performance of “Mademoiselle Nobs” (originally titled “Seamus”) first appeared on the Meddle album, released in 1971.

This version on the Live at Pompeii film released in 1972 was named after the Russian Wolfhound named Nobs, who belonged to Madonna Bouglione, daughter of circus director Joseph Bouglione. Nobs provides the vocals, David Gilmour plays harmonica, Roger Waters plays David’s Stratocaster, and Richard Wright is on keyboards.

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  1. My D’Arcy Dog discovered the wonderful world of TV about 4 years ago. Today, I played this video and she perked her ears, so I showed her the PC screen. What a reaction!! I think she finally figured out just WHY, I spend so darn much time on this thing. Thanks for posting!!!

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