Dog Nurses Rescued Piglet Back to Health

A unlikely partnership formed between a dog and a rescued piglet is the basis for this adorable report from FOX25 news.

Apparently, Hunter and Mu Shu were introduced to one another after Hunter’s owner found the baby pig injured on the side of a Kansas road. It is assumed that the piglet was bounced out of a livestock truck and suffered injuries from tumbling on the pavement.

‘Mu Shu’ could not have found herself in better hands – Hunter’s family runs an area vet hospital. They took Mu Shu in and noticed that as she started her recovery, Hunter seemed to feel compelled to look after her. They say he acted as a guide for the partially blind youngster, leading Mu Shu around the clinic. Now he bathes her, plays with her, and the two have even been seen cuddling together for naps.

In fact, the pair have hit it off so well that Mu Shu has found a permanent home: Hunter’s family has decided to adopt the pig, saying that after all of this time spent together, Hunter and his new friend are inseparable.

63 thoughts on “Dog Nurses Rescued Piglet Back to Health

  1. Animals are great… humans would find some way to make this a “race” thing, animals just do what is right!

  2. that’s awesome! this little one came into your lives for a reason. it will be interesting to find out why. bless you all.

  3. give a dog a treat and he’ll eat for a day, teach them how to nurse a pig and he’ll have beggin strips forever..

  4. Sometimes life takes a beautyful turn. So precious and it makes my heart sing. Myself, I could have lived a whole good life without eating pigs. And yes. They are both cute and intelligent. Thank you for sharing.

  5. awwww…. so sweet (unless the doggie is thinking, “…and someday you’ll grow up to be tasty bacon, the maple kind…”)

  6. i see here that different types of animals still get along, why can humans do the same, we sure learned a lot from animals specially unconditional love.

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