Labrador Retriever Saves Toddler from Drowning

A loyal family dog has saved a toddler from drowning in a backyard pool.

MARCELLUS, MI –  On Sunday at 3:51 p.m., deputies responded to the Marcellus Fire Department upon receiving a 911 call from 30-year-old Patricia Drauch of Maple Street. Patricia advised deputies that, while at her residence, she had gone to the garage to get a shovel with her 14-month-old son, Stanley Drauch, following behind her. After getting to the garage, she discovered that he was no longer following her.

She indicated that she began to look for him, and found Stanley in the family pool face up in the water, and that he appeared to be blue. She also indicated that the family’s dog, a black lab named Bear, was in the pool – underneath the infant, holding the child up out of the water on his back.

Patricia grabbed her son and, seeing that he was unresponsive, she attempted to call 911 but was unable to get cellphone service from the residence. At this time she began driving to the Marcellus Fire Dept. (approximately 2 miles from her residence) to get help.

Once on the roadway, Patricia was able to get cellphone service and contacted Cass County Central Dispatch. At the time she was on the phone with Central Dispatch the child regained consciousness. Upon her arrival at the fire department, Marcellus Fire and Ambulance personal examined the victim who was found to be conscious and in good condition.

The child was taken to the Three Rivers hospital by the parents, where he was treated and released.

46 thoughts on “Labrador Retriever Saves Toddler from Drowning

  1. Patricia must have been totally amazed and grateful to see Bear in action. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story.

  2. Good dog! On the other hand, that swimming pool looks like the sour mash vat at Jack Daniel’s! Gross, gross, gross…

  3. No excuse for having a putrid dangerous pool like that if you have toddlers who have access to it. Holy crap what an accident waiting to happen. Good thing the dog had a brain.

  4. What a great dog.
    The only thing that surprises me is what family has a house with a pool, but no working phone? If your cell phone doesn’t get reception at your home, wouldn’t you at least get a landline? She could have wasted valuable time there…

  5. Awesome dog and he is beautiful by the way but get rid of that nasty pool!

    Obviously they aren’t swimming in it – not healthy for baby or dog!

    Glad the baby is alive thanks to Bear.

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