Wisconsin Woman Faces 5 Years in Prison for Poisoning Dog

A woman is facing fines of $30,000 and five years in prison for torturing her boyfriend’s dog.


A woman in Wausau, Wisconsin was charged on Monday for slitting the throat of her boyfriend’s dog after poisoning her with bleach, Drano and pills.  Twenty-year-old Sean D. Janas was held on $2,500 cash bond and is charged with felony mistreatment of animals, giving poison to an animal, and obstructing an officer.  She is facing up to five years in prison and fines of $30,000 if convicted on all charges.

The four-year-old German Shepherd-Labrador mix named Mary suffered months of abuse at the hands of her owner’s girlfriend.   The most damning piece of evidence in the case comes from Janas herself.  She kept a diary with detailed narratives of her horrendous actions.  The following passages may be too disturbing for some readers.

“I need to find a way to kill her without it looking like I killed her,” Janas wrote.  “I’ve done lots of things already.  I’ve given her drano, bleach and a lot of pain pills lol one night she got all tweaked out because of it, it was so funny.”

Another despicable entry read:  “I have never hated an animal so much in my life, much less hate one or beat one.  But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove drano and bleach down her throat is like no other.”

Sean D. Janas

Police believe Mary was killed on June 4, and had been sadistically abused for months.  She was brought in for treatment on April 11 after a neighbor found her in the street, bleeding from the head.  Neighbors heard Janas yelling at Mary, and saw her strike the dog with a leash.  They believe Mary was also stabbed.  Her owner, Steven Kuick, said she had been vomiting blood in the week leading to her death, but said he was unaware of the abuse.

Marathon County Humane officer Lisa Held said this was the worst case of animal cruelty she had ever seen, and urges people to take action.

“Speak up, whether by calling the police or the shelter,” Held said.  “Speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.”

A Facebook page, entitled For Mary, was created by Stacy Cole to commemorate Mary, and a petition begun to call for Janas to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Sidney Rose posted a link about the story on her Facebook page, and was motivated to start the petition after receiving many comments on the link.  Both women hope to encourage people to speak out against animal cruelty and report any suspicious activity, as well as see that there is justice for Mary.

It is unknown whether Janas will undergo psychological testing, but the repeated torture and murder of an animal is a clear indicator of mental illness.  She has a preliminary hearing scheduled for October 31.

55 thoughts on “Wisconsin Woman Faces 5 Years in Prison for Poisoning Dog

  1. They should NOT let this woman skate on an insanity defense. She knew damn well what she was doing.

    Such sadism needs to be removed from the gene pool, what she did was evil. Straight, unadulterated evil.

  2. this is fucking sick. I’m shaking and I either want to cry or throw up. How could someone be so sadistic? She should be glad she’s safe in prison because if I could get my hands on her she’d regret every single fucking bit of pain that she put that animal through. How fucking sick do you have to be to take out your anger on an innocent, helpless creature?
    I’d hope she burns in hell and dies a slow painful death, but that’s too nice for her.

      1. No, these are not abusers, they are serrial killers in training! Recyle the deamon spawn!

    1. Let’s start a nationwide organization called Mary’s Angels and petition for harsher sentences. And make sure pieces of shit like demon Janus never have access to any other animals ever. Animals provide love and joy she deserves neither . Drank and bleach should be offered to her if she gets thirsty. Nothing else to drink ever. Justice for Mary. Unfortunately , she can’t be beaten and have her throat cut. If she is mentally I’ll give her a dull butter knife . Maybe she can do society a favor and do herself in. And for those who think she should be treated as a mental patient know this Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone. He’s insane. Let’s let him rent the house next to your family your daughter or your mother after all it’s not his fault he’s totally fucking insane. He doesn’t think he is. He gets fan mail and has dozens of followers. He recently said its society that’s insane. He isn’t. Let’s let him out,. Dogs are better than most people ,you who feel sorry for evil demon like humans should be locked up with them,wouldn’t want them to be lonely after all , wake up . I don’t want my taxes going to feed clothe and medicate evil people who are unfit for society. And I don’t like to hate but when a CRIME IS BEYOND HEINOUS AND MAKES ME SEETH WITH HATRED DUE TO THE CRUELTY THAT WAS SAID TO BE “enjoyed ” watching a beautiful being suffer and cry in pain ..I feel no compassion as none was shown. I might even enjoy watching her suffer because she deserves to feel what she enjoyed doing to that dog. Get off your high horse. Get the drano and let’s go visit that sick warped EVIL BITCH. !!!!

  3. I have no doubt that this twisted idiot would hurt a child or anyone that she didn’t like. Shouldn’t see the light of day ever again. And the idiot boy friend didn’t have a clue??? All the symptoms that dog had to have – poor baby.

  4. if i find this woman, i will commint murder. I will keep her in my basement for a very long time, inflicting pain, hear her cry and whimp. I will torture her, feel blood running down her face. I will cut her up very slowly and see the look on her face when she begs for forgiveness. I will abuse her to the extent where she’d beg me to take her life. I will do this for months on end, waiting for the wounds toheal and do it all over again. I will pour boiling water on her face, acid, hot wax and inflict the most atrocious pain i could ever inflict on something. In the end i would just let her almost starve to death but feed her when shes almost dead. And start the cycle all over again. Yes, i’d love to do this to her. It’d give me so much pleasure seeing her eyes bloodshot begging me to stop.

    1. Val, um….you frighten me. Your reaction just seems so severe, so…premeditated. It is exactly that kind of mind-set that brings people to commit the heinous acts that Ms. Janas did. Please, have a drink and calm down. I agree what she did was horrendous, but please try to get ahold of yourself.

      1. Pattie,
        While I do think Val went a tad bit overboard expressing her anger I couldn’t agree more with her sentiment and reasons behind it. If this woman could do this to a helpless dog she could do it to a child or anyone else in her path. I think there is a very special place in Hell for animal abusers and that it’s right next to child abusers. I think this woman should be executed. I tend to lean towards non-violence when possible. But this, this woman needs her ass whopped. She needs someone to hog tie her naked to the back of a 4WD and take her out for a road trip.

    2. Personally, I think she needs to have everything that was done to the dog done to her. Only don’t let her die. Bring her to the brink of death, save her, give her the care needed to make her fully healthy, and start all over again.
      If I saw someone doing this to an animal, much like a child, I would kill them. There would be no in between. No hurt them just enough to stop them. I’d be in jail but they’d be in the morgue.

  5. Horrible… Absolutely horrible. I’m so saddened to read this story. I say make an example out of this woman and do us all a favor and put her down in the least humane possible way. Unacceptable Janas… Rot in hell!

  6. This pathetic f**king c**t needs to be killed. But first she needs to be force fed drano and bleach, she needs to be beat and stabbed and tortured than brought back to full health so it can be done over and over again.

  7. I say the woman(if that’s what you want to call her) should have bleach & ndrano poured down her throat! How’s it feel bitc-!

  8. Oh please let her punishment be being force fed draino, bleach and pain pills. And while they’re at it, beat her in the head, stab her repeatedly and slit her throat, sew it back up and slit it again, repeatedly until there is nowhere left to cut and no skin to stitch back together.

  9. Put that bitch to death. But make her suffer for months before you take her life. And keep a dairy of the c— suffering & laugh about it. I hope you rot in hell Sean D Jana’s. I wish I could get my hands on you, you’d beg me to kill you.

  10. I pray she gets what she deserves.She does not need to be on this earth.Poor Mary may God be with her now.

  11. What a sick, disgusting excuse for a human being. Poor Mary. I wonder why she was hated so much? Someone should poison this sick bitch and watch her suffer.

  12. I do hope she goes to jail and run into a very cruel cell mate that likes dogs – maybe then she gets what she deserves.

    1. Well, that would due for a start but I really think it should be killed. Things that are broken beyon repair and any good use need to be trashed.

  13. My opinion, do unto others as they do either to humans or helpless animals. She deserves pain with her punishment before she burns in hell. She deserves a lot more prison time.

  14. Where is this petition? I have to sign it. Couldn’t find it the FB site either. Though 5 years max is next to nothing for what this witch has done.

    1. what a fuckin suck bitch someone should poison her ass best her socko busted looking crazy bitch dong abbuse something that can’t fight back

  15. $2,500 bail, thats it? WTF? If she had done this to a human you better beleive her bail would be enormous. I hope she gets punished to the full extent of the law and has the same greusome torture done to her. What a sick person. May she rot in hell.

  16. This woman is frightening and she should not be allowed to live among other human beings. Anyone who takes that much pleasure from inflicting pain on a terrified, helpless animal is one step away from being a serial killer. Please lock this woman up for a long time!

  17. This is so awful, unbearable to read. We love dogs so this is not easy to hear, but – in this case, death was a mercy. Mary suffered so unjustly and needlessly at the hand of this cruel, pathological woman.

    How did the boyfriend, who owned Mary – not see the pain and fear she must have shown as the torture got worse and worse? You live with a dog, you know it very well – changes in behavior are very apparent, and if they’re scared of someone – it’s easy to tell. Mary was vomiting blood – what the heck did the boyfriend do to figure out what was wrong?

    I hope this disgusting woman gets the full 5 years, in the worst prison they can find.

    1. I am sure the boyfriend was as inbred as she is. However, he is still as guilty as she is and needs to be punished as well! I am ok with death but I bet they let him skate.

  18. I think a facebook page should be made with her picture on it and kept on there indefinately to let people know what a sick, waste of human flesh she is but I am sure facebook wouldn’t allow it – shame.

    She needs to go through life with people knowing what a monster she is.

    I hope she rots in hell.

    But, I have to wonder, where was her boyfriend? did he not see that his dog was sick at times? what about how the dog acted when she came around?

    He should be held at least partially responsible for this as well, IMO.

  19. This woman should be dead and would be if Mary were my dog – there is no reason for this kind of foul excuse for a human to keep on breathing, just none.

    Also wondering about the owner – the dog was vomiting blood for a week and this rocket scientist didn’t think it was necessary to take her to the vet? The woman was systematically torturing this dog and the dog’s behavior around her didn’t clue the owner that something was terribly wrong? The whole package is wrong, very wrong.

    1. Pure sociopath but lets not give it excuses from full prosecution. It is too far gone to try and fix. Lets just get it into prison for as long as we can and I am sure it will meet some dog loving inmates to play with. These kind of people sicken the worst criminals so maybe it can be taken care of there.

  20. Our organization is trying to give some wheels to this story so it isn’t overlooked, in hopes of making a difference in the Midwest and raise awareness locally and nationally. We can be reached for statements and give permission to copy what’s below verbatim.


    Please sign this petition and share the story as much as you can to help spread awareness. It’s the only way we will get stricter laws in place to protect animals from the abuse of people who assume there will be no repercussions. This woman will get off with a slap on the wrist if it flies under the radar. This horrible tragedy is an opportunity to make a difference. It’s a rarity for a case like this to even make it before a judge, please let these elected officials know that there are people who are willing stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves. Take it a step further and write a polite but strongly worded letter to the Judge and District Attorney, it will make a difference!

    The Honorable Gregory E. Grau
    Marathon County Circuit Court
    500 Forest Street
    Wausau, WI 54403

    Lamont Jacobson, Esq
    Marathon County District Attorney’s Office
    500 Forest Street
    Wausau, WI 54403

    1. I agree. If this went on for months, he must be a real dumb ass not to have known his pet was sick!

    2. That was my first question. How could a dog suffer so much and not show declining health? How could that owner not notice changes in this dog? The temperament of an abused dog always becomes apparent eventually. Frankly I am suspicious. I find it hard to believe that the complacent boyfriend was “clueless” about the abuse. I am sorry but owners that love their dogs know when their dogs are ill, frightened or mistreated. The human-animal bond is unlike any other.

  21. Bitch should die. She’s not even human. I say inject her veins with drano and bleach but don’t give her the satisfaction of slitting her throat. Let her die slowly, torturously. Evil Bitch!!!!!

  22. What a class A bitch – She should rot in jail – better yet – force her to tae drano and bleach just like Anonymous said – this bitch isn’t even human! And I agree with SSB Pack – How could the owner not notice anything???? He said that he noticed the dog vomiting blood for the week up to her death – is he that stupid??? I know right away when one of my animals is off key!

  23. I am hoping there is a very special place in Hell where they serve Drano cocktails, pain pills ala mode and bleach pudding to this woman. There is no way to describe how hateful her acts were, and may beautiful Mary RIP.

  24. The diary entries are so disturbing.It makes me cry when I read them.The text is killing me!Everyone is right.Our animals need justice.Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!

  25. What this woman did was wrong, but several experts have suggested that she is mentally ill. Notwithstanding this, almost without exception you all seem to want to visit the same treatment upon a mentally ill human being. What does that say about you. Let me assure you that not one of you are in a position to judge this person as long as you are capable of such vity god forgive

    1. Think of the suffering and cruelty she enjoyed. Laughed and tortured that poor dog. If this doesn’t make you angry there is something wrong with you. You should see your Dr . You need medication . Your lack of anger is scary. Are you heartless also. Maybe Manson should be freed- he didn’t kill anyone. You probably don’t think the holocaust wasn’t all that bad. What if she did it to a small child. People are totally within their rights to hate this bitch. She deserves it and who are you to judge?

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