Dog owners irate after finding cayenne pepper dumped on neighbourhood lawns

Pet owners in Seattle are furious over the actions a property manager has taken to keep dogs off her lawn. Cayenne pepper was intentionally dumped all over the lawn to send a message to pet owners that failure to pick up after their dogs would not be tolerated.

Pet owners in Seattle are furious over the actions a property manager has taken to keep dogs off her lawn.  Cayenne pepper was intentionally dumped all over the lawn to send a message to pet owners that failure to pick up after their dogs would not be tolerated.  The problem is that the pepper , in such quantities, is quite dangerous for dogs and has resulted in at least one dog sustaining burns to the pads of her feet that required veterinary attention.

Fredda Starr is the property manager of the “Greenwood Court Manor” apartments, and she says she did not mean to hurt any animals.  “I do love dogs, but I don’t like all the poo that they leave over the ground,” said Starr, who did agree to stop and to dilute the pepper avoid harming the dogs.  In addition to spreading the pepper, Starr left the empty containers scattered around the area rather than putting them in the trash.

Pepper is not a toxic substance but can cause problems for animals who ingest or walk on it.  “It upsets the stomach, burns the inside and may cause a little diarrhea,” said Dr. Zile Singh, a veterinarian at Greenwood Animal Hospital.

Gujral Wallace, the owner of the dog that was harmed was outraged, saying “It’s absolutely despicable, their intentions is what scares me,” and asking “How does that even get into your head? Are you that evil?”  Her dog, who is named Buddha, suffered burns on her legs and incurred several hundred dollars in vet bills.   If this had happened to a smaller dog, it could have been much more serious.   Wallace says she is going to rally local residents to do a better job of keeping the area clean of pet waste.


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  1. I see what the property manager was trying to do, but couldn’t she have contacted a vet to see what the appropriate deterrent would be. Poor dog. I hope she makes a full recovery. The property owner should offer to pay half the vet bills. Because the owner is at fault too.

    1. the owner is not at fault unless the grass was posted “keep off the grass”, which is not mentioned anywhere. she’s not upset about dogs being on the grass, she’s upset about the mess left behind.

      she’s punishing ALL dogs (and every other living creature – i wonder how many squirrels will be found dead?) for what a few owners do.

      1. threenoms, the signs don’t work. In fact some dog owners encourage their dog’s to go there just to piss off the property owners. Sandy, I agree with you. The property owner could have made a trip to petco and avoided this. It says right in the article that she never meant to hurt any dogs and she loves dogs. I have owned dogs for a looooooooong time. I always clean up after them. I didn’t have a poop bag once. I went home, got on, and went back and cleaned up after my dog.

        1. You are missing the point. Dog urine and poop ruin the lawn. It burns the grass and leaves yellow patches everywhere. Why should people pay to reseed and nutralize the acid in the soil from the urine because dog owners wont take their dogs to public parks or their own back yard? It’s ridiculous!

          1. The very sad message is that the neighbor who brings her dog to
            my yard to poop and pee is destroying my lawn and will not allow
            dogs to use her yard, thus, she has a perfect lawn and her neighbors
            have dead grass. It’s not the picking up that’s the problem–the dog
            urine is killing our grass.

          2. Times are changing. If individuals don’t change with them, they get hurt. Yes, I am very bitter person and hate change. I see there are two problems with this story. The first one is the manager planting beautiful grass where dogs like to go. Why not pull up the grass and put something in that won’t harm animals. The other side of the problem is stupid, inconsiderate, self centered son of a ___________, not cleaning up their dog’s mess. It is true when there are these types of people roaming our streets that we will all be penalized for them. The best solution could very well be the first one I offered.

          1. I will be buying pepper. I have inconsiderate neighbors, been going through this for 9 years. I had enough

      2. Do you have a posted sign on all of your home’s doors and windows?
        OR…Do you expect people to stay out and off of your property simply because…IT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM.

          1. agree!
            not your yard, NYC has leash law, the renter in my neighbors house not only ignores that but he doesn’t keep his animal (4 legged one) out of my yard. there fore i feel within my rights to “help” him do so !

          2. Peopke should use commkn sence. No one needs a sign that reads ” kepp off” if I leave my front door open to air the house does not mean anyone shoyld walk in.

      3. So your saying I can take my dogs into your yard, poop them, and then leave and that I will be doing nothing wrong?

    2. why is the owner at fault? nowhere does it say that this particular dog and owner are responsible for leaving mess

      1. The owner is at fault because the dog can’t clean up after its self.burn the nostrils of all that come serves them

        1. No, the dog is not at fault, but pepper spraying the dog owner is more complicated. Obviously, dog owners can not read; therefore, being responsible for their dogs is too much for them.

          1. Good one! I am having said problem with my neighbor and also drugs etc.. Have talked called the police nothing is stopping so next step the pepper!

          1. Fucking right I wish I had unlimited supply of cayenne pepper. I’m tired of my neighbor dog shitting on my lawn. I wish I could blow there fucking dogs up. They let there dogs shit on my lawn but not on there on fuckin lawn, how fucking cheeky.

        2. I totally Agree !!!!!!! I have a Dog n I always carry a Poopy scouper r a plastic bag for his mess !!!!! Some people r just lazy n irresponsible n don’t give a Damn bout ur property!!!!! well use the caynne pepper I pay to keep my Lawn curb appealable so they should pay for their own vet bill s atleast their still alive !!!!!

      2. Well if this dog in question got burned nostrils then I guess it was on someone’s property where it shouldn’t have been. Probably about to leave a mess until it smelled the cayenne. Guess it won’t go back on her lawn then.

        1. Hi I found if you give your dog or cat a little bit of baking soda in their drinking water. It nutI wiill

    3. There are many ways to deter dogs from going potty on your lawn without causing any harm to them. If the property owner really did “love dogs” like she said, a simple google search would have helped her come up with a variety of deterrents that is safe for both the lawn and dogs. Hardware stores sell inexpensive decorative garden fencing that could have been placed on the border of the lawn and probably cost just as much as the many containers of cayenne pepper she used. Or citrus oil can be used or pre-made animal safe animal repellants. This just seems like a very cruel way of punishing dogs.

      1. Why should the property owner be required to buy and install fencing? The homeowner can spray whatever they like on their own lawn. If you don’t want your dog smelling cayenne pepper then keep it off other people’s property. It’s not that hard to do unless you are a completely lazy, uncaring neighbor, which is why homeowners need to resort to these measures, because of the stupid, lazy dog owners. The homeowner should care about not causing a minor inconvenience to your dog, but you aren’t responsible to care about your dog damaging others property? Oh…and when you do google remedies as I did, you will find that many links recommend “cayenne pepper” or bitter apple spray as the top 2 effective remedies! More environmentally friendly I guess then buying chemical deterrents.

        1. You know, ah August 21st, 2014 – I completely agree with you. The neighbors aren’t friendly and most attempts at finding a comfortable middle-ground with their “guard dogs” results in one or two parties becoming frightened or irritated. I find it weird that dogs stopped really taking to me about 2 years ago, but when I actually have to put myself in the line of “doody” and go over to houses for the elderly, you would think THEN that the owners of dogs would put their mutts up if they caused a problem. NOPE! Their dogs don’t growl and it’s got to be YOUR fault.

          It turns me off from wanting dogs; and I used to be an avid dog lover.

          *sigh* 🙁

          1. i put up a fence because of the PWT renter in my neighbor’s apartment, not becuase of the dog!
            the red pepper and similar “seasonings” are used because of the owners lack of control over their animal’s wanderings.
            if you own a dog, you are responcible for it’s care, safety & behaviors! just like a child (which after seeing what some of the children are like… well ’nuff said)

        2. I agree. I caught someone the other day on my lawn, by the flower bed. Where 10 min earlier I had to clean up dog poop. I asked her to be a good neighbor and go across the street (which is vacant lot owned by the town) She said she was a good neighbor and lived in the neighborhood for 20 years And would walk her dog wherever she pleased, that her dog was just smelling area. I told her the problem is that is a flower bed so kindly get the dog out of it. She was annoyed and suggested I get a chair and sit on the curb and figure out who it was…. gotta love your neighbors.

          1. Her dog was probably the one that left the mess earlier. I would set up a good quality security camera. Not one of the typical low resolution black and white ones but a good one so that there is no denying who it really was. Next time you catch her trespassing, call the police and show them the damage the dog is doing. It would be preferable to catch the dog in the act and her bringing it onto your property. After that you can call the police for trespassing when she comes back. That should teach the bitches a lesson they will not forget hehehe!!

          2. Omg I had a neighbor argue with me that she is shaking her bag all the while her giant size dog is trampling my flowers and sedums! Tried nicely to explain that dogs should not be trampling my plants and all I get is cursed and screamed at! And I love dogs took care of them all my life and never once when I was walking them thought it was OK to go on other peoples yards and piss and shit!

        3. Agree. I have used bleach but that is expensive and smells worse. Dog owners are too stupid to recognize piles of orange and empty bottles of pepper as a sign to go away.

        4. Totally agree I have a dog and never allow him to use someone else’s garden I am demented with lazy pet owners allowing there dogs to poop all over my garden and today a cat spayed all over my plants ! A large supply of cayenne pepper will be purchased today !!!!! No home owner should be at any expense to protect their property , it would cost me £5000,00 to put a fence round met garden ! I’ve already had a quote , I’m sure the cayenne pepper will be cheaper and more effective and anyway they would only allow their dogs to pee all over the wall or fence the message is DOG OWNERS BE RESPONSIBLE OR DONT HAVE A DOG !!!!!

      2. The property owner should also not be responsible for spending tons of money for someone else’s poor dog etiquette. If someone is careless where thier dog goes it’s the dog owners carelessness that harmed their own animal. Rough as that sounds.

      3. Sir, I would like to point out to you that it should not be the responsibility of
        the person who does not own dogs to spend their money to protect their yard
        from very irresponsible pet owners, It is the pet owners who are putting their
        pets in harms way by disrespecting the property of non-pet owners. The dog
        owners have the nicest yards in the neighborhood. This is completely disrespectful! Don’t ever blame a property owner from protecting their yard
        from disrespectful pet owners.

      4. Do you know how it feels to come home and see dog crap on your lawn? Do you know how it feels to have your 4 year old step in dog crap and track it up the stairs, down the hall and all over a plush carpet? Do you know how it feels to have disgusting flies flying around the front of your house? Unfortunately, my driveway is not gated to keep the un-wanted “owned” pets to come onto my property to use the bathroom. I have a yellow sign in the middle of my lawn saying: “Pesticide Applied, Keep kids and animals of the lawn”. There’s dog crap right next to the sign. Now there’s Cheyenne pepper all over the place.

        1. These are evil neighbors who are purposely using their dogs to get back at the neighbors they don’t like. Sometimes they like you because you don’t want their dogs on your lawn

        2. I get the same crap. Every single day we get 15-20 people walking dogs. You can bank on poop left behind. I caught a man letting hid dog crap by my mailbox and start to walk away. It was dark out but I opened the window and told him to pick his crap up! It’s war now.

    4. There should be no cost for veterinary care. Capsaicin (the ingredient in peppers that causes the burning sensation) does not burn or damage the skin or internal organs in any way. Capsaicinn activates burn receptors and sends signals to the brain that a burn is occurring, but actual burning is not occurring. If dog owners are ignorant of this fact and took their dogs in to the Vet anyway, the property owner is not responsible for any costs.

    5. You are a fucking liberal. Keep your fucking dog of other people’s lawns. Shit and piss your dog on your own lawn.

      1. You are an idiot…in my area it is the republicans letting their dogs crap in other peoples yards!

        1. LOL The dog is a liberal spreader of waste and the owner is a conservative saver of time and energy avoiding cleanup.

      2. I agree. Open your front door and let them shit right in front of it instead of other people’s property!

    6. poor property manager .. she suffered bc lazy pet owners wouldn’t do their job. she did the right thing getting the owner attention.

    7. May be you should help the property owner by being a responsible and sensible dog owner. This like throwing your childs diaper in someone elses yard because you do not want to deal with your own crap. There are dog owners and there are RESPONSIBLE dog owners. And you are NOT the later. There are city by-laws you are not allowed to leave your dog’s poop on the city property as well. It is just plain common sense. You don’t want vet bills then KEEP YOUR DOG IN YOUR PROPERTY OR DO NOT HAVE A DOG IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH ITS POOP.





    9. The property manager should not pay anything. People are irresponsible when it comes to their pets. They will not pick up after them. It is a health hazard to have animal feces in the yard. Why do people act clueless to animal care and responsibility. Would you just shit in your front yard? Of course not because its toxic and leads to diseases yet when it comes to picking up animal waste dog owners act dumb and irresponsible.

    10. People should keep their dogs in their own yards then there would not be a problem now would there

    11. I wouldn’t pay jack how would you like if it was you how you know if she didnt try to resolve the problem dog oooo can destroy property value and grass.dieases contaminated water sickness illness sound like she did what she had to do

    12. Why is it the owner of the places fault. If you all care so much about your dogs put them on a leash and then take them somewhere off of peoples properties and when it goes pick it up!!! Dogs that have lazy owners which are many shouldn’t have a dog!! They should have dog protective agencies to report lazy dog owners!!!

  2. Everyone is condemning the manager and it’s the dog owners who are to blame . Im quite sure the manager had no intentions of harming the animals . To bad the pepper couldn’t have been placed in the dog owners underwear .

    1. since when are ALL dog owners reponsible for what a few of us do?

      and i have been a property manager and yes, one of the jobs was picking up “trash, litter, and other debris” which includes poop.

      i mean, ffs, it’s just poop – we’re not talking nuclear waste or rotting fish carcasses.

      1. threenoms,you wrote “what a few of us do?” I take it you are one that does not clan up after your dog. Dog poo kills grass. Rotting fish carcasses actually fertilize. Get off your high horse.

      2. You are very naive if you don’t think that those who follow the rules quite often pay for those who don’t. It isn’t fair but it happens every day in a variety of ways.

        I find it ironic that you state “since when are ALL dog owners reponsible for what a few of us do?” Yet you don’t extend that right to the property manager who ends up cleaning up after those who violate.

        By the way dog feces IS a health hazard; condensed from dog talk 101:

        1. Dog poop is NOT good fertilizer. It’s toxic to your lawn! The high nutrient concentration in dog poop will burn and discolor the grass, creating “hot spots”.

        2. The (EPA) classifies pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil.

        3. The (CDC) confirms pet waste can spread parasites including hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella.

        5. Merges with E. Coli and other harmful bacteria … (There are 23 million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of pet waste!)

        6. Contains roundworm larvae, which cause blindness and damage to brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart or eyes.

        7. Does not “wash away” or disappear.

        Clearly, there was a lapse in judgement here on all those involved. The property manager should have researched safer alternatives for discouraging dogs on the lawn and dog owners should not only be cleaning up after their dogs but they should also make ever effort to keep them from urinating on the grass as that also damages the lawn and can not be “picked up.”

        Perhaps the solution is to designate an area for dogs to relieve themselves that has only crushed granite of gravel that can be more easily kept clean and let those who use it monitor for those violating the “clean up after your pet” rule. That way, the lawn is for playing and fun and the gravel area is for clean up.

    2. You Have to Joking there are things like SIGNS that can be posted> not for sure in Seattle but at home from the curb to side walk belongs to the CITY and some times even more. IF it was my dogs She be lucky just to get Sewed as well as the property owner. because ill bet she didn’t us her money to bye the pepper witch mean the property owner is on the hook two.

      1. Only an idiot would sue someone after “his” dog trespassed into her yard and ate or sniffed something that made it have diarrhea or burned nostrils!

      2. There are righteous dog owners and irresponsible ines signed work for half, but in crowded areas also cause more focus on deliberate violation from bad dog owners.
        It’s not a complete solution.

      3. Since signs really work…Someone threw my sign into my back yard. I pepper the heck out of my yard. Lazy dog walkers.

    3. We have the same problem! People let their dogs dig up and throw gravel all over our sidewalks. We posted signs asking people to be respectful and not allow the dogs to dig in the gravel. I’m tired of sweeping the sidewalk several times a day! The signs made it worse. Any suggestions?

        1. Don’t be such an Asshole! It all comes down to respect! If someone ccontinally allowed their dog/s to crap on my lawn, there would be trouble! In that case they can jolly well keep their dogs home to crap on their own! Simple as that! People just don’t respect each other! That’s the main cause these days! I feel for that Dog, because it suffered due to its owners neglect!


          1. I AM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS WEBSITE. Just stepped in some dog shit along the grass of the sidewalk and ordered a couple of pounds of cayenne stuff; cost me $38 with shipping… Any better price/place you suggest?
            I do not know who are the culprits since people come from other blocks in my cul-de-sac and some idiots let the dogs shit so I can’t take the crap to their property but I will certainly enjoy to flood those areas with cayenne pepper.

          2. We should grow lots of Carolina Reaper peppers and use them hehehe!!! As evil as it is, I do not like ignorant people either.

        3. I feel sorry for the dog that comes on my lawn. I put enough Cheyenne pepper to repel an elephant….

      1. It is amazing to me that people need to be told not to let their dogs deposit on other people’s property. Marked or not. Freakin idots.

    1. Seems like a logical and less abusive solution. In my area most of the nicer apartments have this. At the very least trash bins strategically located which benefits everyone in various ways.

    2. The dog owner is responsible for bringing a bag to clean up after their own dog. You can buy a whole roll of bags for a couple bucks so it is not some terrible hardship and you can even clip a bag dispenser onto the dog’s leash so you can’t forget to bring one.

      The dog owners that complain “Nobody gave me bags for free exactly where and when I needed one so I can’t possibly clean up after my own dog that crapped on someone else’s property” are just showing how rude, selfish, and irresponsible they are.

  3. I love dogs and own dogs however I can see both sides of this. I am disgusted with rude pet owners who do not clean up after their dog. I wonder if the man who was so incensed is one of the regulars who never picks up his dog’s waste? More likely than not the answer is YES.

  4. I’ve seen people walking their dogs and letting them defecate and just walking on. Some people just don’t care whose property they soil. Once saw a woman running and her dog was trying to defecate and she just keep dragging it so that poo was spread all along the sidewalk. I stopped her and offered her a bag to clean it up and she was very nasty to me. She had no regard for anyone who may be walking along the sidewalk and obviously didn’t deserve to have a dog.
    It is the few people who are like that who ruin it for everyone. Signs don’t work and in fact some people will try and make their dogs go where there are signs just to say ‘screw you’. Anyone with the type of attitude that their actions are immune to rules and regulations really isn’t civilized.
    I hope a resolution can be found here. Maybe a few tickets for not cleaning up after their dogs might convince people.

  5. I am not advocating animal cruelty but I was told that Cayenne Pepper will keep dogs from digging in my flower beds and I have sprinkled it in my flower garden in the past, I “sprinkled” not dumped! The fact that she dumped it and left the containers should have been enough of a warning and could be why she did it like this. Then again maybe she’s just a litterbug who hates dogs, who knows!

  6. Simple solution: – signs dont work? I bet if she put up signs that said “if your dog poops here – there will be cayenne pepper next time.”

    That might solve everyone’s problem.

    Not agreeing with what the propert manager did but there are irresponsible dog owners out there. I see it every day in the dog park and it’s just pure ignorance.

  7. Any repsonsible dog owner should know that it is proper etiquette to pick up after their pets. Punish the owner not the dogs!! If it is illegal to poo in said grass, why not install camera’s and fine the ones that break the laws instead of punishing ALL of the dogs and their owners?

  8. I’m sorry for the dog who got sick. But for the record, it isn’t just the excrement left behind. When I walk my dog, I don’t let him “trespass” on the lawns of others. It infuriates me when people walking their dogs on or off leash let their dogs go onto other’s property to do their business: pee or poop. Regardless of whether they pick it up (which is of course better and the law), it is NOT ok to let your dogs go all over other’s property.

    Perhaps the dogs in this instance live in the apartment complex and have a right to be there. Then. – pick it up folks! Irresponsible dog owners ruin it fir the rest of us and lead to thereto being fewer places where dog’s are legally allowed.

  9. I found this website trying to find a way to keep dogs off my lawn, as I spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to make my lawn look beautiful.
    I have dogs myself as I love them, however, I don’t walk my dogs and let them release themselves on other peoples property. It’s rude and ignorant.
    Congratulations to the people that do pick up after their dogs, but even though you do, the urine makes brown spots and the next dog that comes along is going to smell it and release in the same spot and their owner probably won’t pick it up.
    It’s private property, so keep your dogs off it!
    As for the apartment complex, if you are going to allow dogs, you need to have a designated area for the animals and put it in their contract that they will be fined if they don’t pick up after their animals, put cameras up and catch them, you make enough money to do it.
    Come on people, use your minds, it’s the dog owners fault for even provoking someone to do something so mean.

  10. Why is the property owner the bad guy??? People shouldn’t let their dogs wander on other people’s lawns. What makes it ok to let your dog crap on someone else property whether you clean it up or not.

    1. When I complained to my Property Management Team about dog owners purposely walking their dogs onto my lawn to take a poop and leave it, Property Management emailed me paper work to vacate their property. So much for trying to do the right thing.

  11. I hate when dog owners leave their dog to poo on other’s yards; i most definately agree with the property manager; a few minutes ago i see my neighbor’s dog crapping in MY YARD-not theirs…and why? because the dog owners are internally leaving scraps of food on the upper left border of my yard- and where dogs eat they will usually crap; so this is what i have to deal wth -they breed dogs and let them run free as if they own my property as well; i have called animal control about 6 times within the past 2 years-i believe they are related or friends which is my assumption-and guess what not only do i have 1 neighbor who let their dogs use my yard as a toilet but another neighbor two doors down who collect stray dogs but do not feed them and let them roam the neighborhood so they can knock over my garbage can 2-3 times a week; i am at my wits end-i want to put red peeper on the border of my yard as well but i dont want to be sued; i have even confronted my neighbor about this and just suggested that they would keep their dogs from crapping in my yard as well as jumping in my kids pool-what did these animal loving
    people say: ” they’re animals-we cant control where our dogs do their business or if they get hot and go into your kids pool!” ” its in a dogs nature, we have to let our dogs out everyday so they can get exercise” and i responded by” but this is my yard and you’re telling me you wont keep your dogs out of my yard?”
    response: ” they’re dogs”
    so as soon as my husband gets home im picking up red pepper, citrus oil, vinegar, ammonia and whatever else will keep these stupid peoples animals out of my yard,ive done all i can do-

    1. I’m with you. I picked up Cayenne Pepper last weekend and sprinkled it around the borders of my front yard. Everyday my husband was finding piles in our yard and it’s beyond ridiculous. We have a dog and she stays in our back yard behind the fence and we clean up after her every single day. But we have some neighbors that could care less. They just let their dogs run free, which is illegal and dangerous. And then you have the ones who walk their dogs and just let them use other peoples yards as their personal toilets and then walking away without cleaning it up. We’ve actually confronted people doing this and literally shoved plastic bags in their faces to make them do it or they risk getting reported to the HOA about it. So homeowners such as myself, who keep their yards nice and work hard on it have to take action somehow. And so far, it’s working. Sprinkling, not dumping, seems to do the trick. The smell alone is supposed to be a deterrent and so far, so good.

      1. thank you for the good tip, I also put water bottles at the end of my yard, my yard is filled with dog poop and I ‘m just so sick of it

  12. If an owner don’t understand how to curb their dog then I will.its my lawn and I have no pets but am an animal lover.i don’t want waist on my shoes because of dumb ass owners.pepper or mothballs is what I use to fix the problems that start trouble with me.this way I can enjoy the animals at a distance and they learn to stay away from my

  13. I would hate to see harm done or do harm to any animals EVER! However, I believe the intent is to keep offenders off of the grass since their human owners don’t love them enough to clean up after them or care enough about fellow residents to stop being offensive. There are always those few that make it bad for the responsible pet owners, and they are at fault for any injuries sustained. Maybe hefty, unnecessary vet bills will get the message across that it’s time to be responsible as well as make others think before walking away or the next experience may not be pleasurable.

  14. Is pepper spray used by the police a human rights issue? Pepper is pretty kind if you ask me. Some people would have used bowls of ANTIFREEZE! (That would be evil and wrong, but people have done it) If anything, I think the owner using a non-toxic repellent shows compassion towards animals, and frustration with bad owners. If a guy is trespassing and a cop pepper sprays him, nobody goes into panic mode about human rights. The issue is the responsibility of pet owners to be accountable for their pets, not whether this woman was being cruel. The other pet owners/neighbors that have a problem with her using pepper must know that their dogs visit that location also, or they wouldn’t mind. 30 years ago the dog may have got a warning shot if the property owner liked dogs. It is trespassing, human or not. Animals and pets are great, but humans come first!

    1. Good point. And when i use the Cheyenne, I use in plain site so everyone can see what i’m doing.

  15. Judge for yourself. I can hold cayenne pepper powder in my hand and on most areas of my skin and I feel nothing. Do they really expect us to believe that it burned her dog’s legs?
    It should only affect the mucus membranes. So, it would certainly affect the nose, mouth, throat, and eyes of a dog but the feet? I find that difficult to believe.
    The Capsaicin in the cayenne pepper can be neutralized with sugars and acids. If your dog has ingested it. Water isn’t going to help. Give the dog milk which contains both sugars and acids.
    If it’s on his body, wash with soap and water. If you think it is irritating his skin, you could try milk.
    Otherwise, you can use vinegar (for the acidity) or orange juice (for the acidity and sugar) to neutralize it but your dog may prefer the pepper since they typically hate the smell of either one.

    Knowing how dogs sniff – breathing in and out of their noses fast to build up molecules in their noses – it’s reasonable to believe that with the piles of cayenne pepper on the grass, a dog might get a significant amount of pepper in its nose from one sniff; especially if it coincides with a gust of wind or if someone disturbs the pile to make the pepper airborne. For that reason I believe the grounds keeper was careless in her application of the pepper.
    Since some of the dog owners are inconsiderate of all others who walk the lawn, the grounds keeper should be allowed to pepper the lawn to deter the dogs but only by using what’s sufficient. A light dusting should suffice for the dog to get irritated enough to voluntarily stay away without any real harm.

  16. I just used cayenne pepper on my lawn because my neighbors with pets are too inconsiderate to walk 20 feet past my yard to common area across the street for dogs. I am tired of their dogs waste killing my lawn and then I get cited by my HOA for dead grass patches on my lawn. I am not sorry if it irritates their dogs, I hope so, then they deal with a vet bill as I am spending money on my lawn only to have their pets destroy it. NO OTHER WAY TO SEND MESSAGE TO JERK DOG OWNERS!!!

  17. At what point did it become completely acceptable for a dog owner to let his dog do his business wherever and whenever it wishes?? I live in the suburbs. Everyone has a backyard. How is it that my neighbors do not let their dogs out to do their business in their own yards but instead walk the dog and let it piss all over my grass and newly landscaped bushes??? This happens daily!!!!!

    I am totally trying the cayenne pepper!

    I had a lady let her dog (who had diarrhea) poop and poop and poop all over my grass! I was in a towel or I would have went out there and insisted that she hose it down! I’m really fed up with dog owners. You can’t pick up pee or diarrhea and that kills grass and shrubs!! Show some respect. If you live in an apartment and there is no where else for your dog to go but on a neighbors grass, then you shouldn’t own a dog!!!! I understand that dogs need exercise but most people seem to use the walk to let the dog relieve himself elsewhere!!!!! I use to like dogs…..but no longer!

    1. I’m totally with you Mad Mary. Just last night a lady let her two dogs run all over my front yard. They were on those extension leashes so she stood on the street and just watching them go 20-30′ onto my property dig through my planters, scratch up the lawn (grass literally flying all over) apparently to wipe pooh from their feet?. They pissed on every bush, etc. I finally went out and asked her, very nicely since I had not seen her before, “can you keep the dogs off my yard please”. She smiled and said “oh, it’s OK they already went poop so it’s okay”. I was stunned; shes telling me “oh it’s okay” for her dogs to use MY property as their dog park!? So, I repeated, but more firmly (and without the please) “keep the dogs off the yard!” She actually started mimicking/teasing me like a two year old brat. She was yelling at the top of her lungs all the way down the street announcing to the neighborhood “oh stay away from HER yard, this bitch doesn’t like dogs, oh look out, stay away from the BITCH house”. I’d never even seen this woman before and I’ve lived here 18 years – it was crazy. What the hell is it with dog owners? they have become truly awful people. I grew up with dogs, I used to love them, I’d rescue them, I’d volunteer to take care of them when people went on vacations; but because we now have so many badly behaved dogs these days and their owners are so exceptionally rude/nasty, I’ve grown to dislike or distrust almost all dogs & I detest “dog people”. I wish we had zoning laws for dogs similar to horse zoning laws and someone could only have dogs if they lived in areas zoned for dogs and had the required number of acres of their own private property to keep their dogs on.

      1. Yes, dog zoning areas would be great! Love it! I have lazy, rude, ignorant neighbors whose back yard borders my back yard. They make the boys take their dog out and they have clearly instructed the boys to go to the farthest reaches of the yard, which happen to be against our shared border. They let the dog walk on my yard and crap. The leash “accidently” slips out of their hands or the dog “slips out” before they get leash hooked on and he tears across my young juniper bushes breaking them off, or they just let the entire length of leash out and let him run. I have talked to their mother and she promised to keep the dog off my lawn, and she swears she always watches from the house and has never seen them do this. Haven’t seen the dog run across bushes anymore but they still let him cross over and crap where he wants. I get to walk in it when I mow grass. I’ve asked the boys nicely, then not so nicely, to keep the dog off my property. Not asking anymore, getting lots of cayenne so that I have plenty to reapply after every rain!!

    1. It has never harmed my plants. I’ve used it for years to keep coyote, skunk, raccoon, squirrel out of the garden. But it dissipates quickly and must be resprinkled every few days. I was actually told by a local Humane Society to use cayenne pepper this way as it is considered a humane and a non-toxic method to keep unwanted animals away from areas.

  18. someone lets their dog out late when all are sleep my neighbor told me to sprinkle red seed pepper all around thats what she uses and it works even the squirrels stay away i will be using red seeds and cayenne i like nice grass and i work hard in it to kep it looking nice peoples please curb your dogs and clean up after them or pay the price to the vet

  19. I’m seriously aghast at the comments here.

    Excuse me but keep “your” dogs off my “private property”, when you let “your” dogs use my yard as their toilet you’re doing damage to my private property which is against the law.

    Geesh, what part of being a responsible dog owner don’t you get?

    I’m a dog owner of large dogs. Please give me your addresses and I will happily come to your homes to allow my dogs to use your lawns as their toilet, and to happily mark their territory with large scratches and urinate on everything.

    1. I know someone in Pittsburgh who sat up an electric fence to keep ALL animals out of his yard. They are non lethal but they cause an unpleasant pulsing 4,000 volt shock. It is just very low amperage. I can touch such a fence and not be harmed at all but they are not pleasant to touch. I think the voltage can still be turned up more. At least to 10,000 volts. They are non lethal fences used by farmers and gardeners. The wire is often stainless steel so that it will be strong enough but corrosion resistant.

  20. I challenge dog owners to answer this simple question…Why should YOUR pet have the slightest impact on ME or anyone else for that matter?

  21. I don’t live in Seattle, but I’ve visited there. Honestly, more people clean up after their animals in that area than they do in the Midwest. And I can understand both sides here. I love dogs and would not intentionally hurt one; HOWEVER, when you constantly find dog droppings everywhere in your yard when you, in fact, do not own a pet, it’s infuriating! You can’t patrol your yard 24/7 to ask dog walkers if they’ve forgotten something after their dog leaves you a “gift”, so you search the internet for “dog repellents” and what do you find? Dozens of websites tell you to use cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper, etc., to keep dogs out of your yard! I don’t believe the individual who did this meant to actually hurt an animal … this advice is all over the internet from lawn and garden specialists!!!!!!!!!! Your other options? One website tells you to leave small mouse or rat traps around your yard. Or you can spend $30 for a jug of bear or wolf urine to spray all over your yard that may or may not work. Your immediate neighbors probably wouldn’t like that either. Or spend at least $60 for one motion-detected sprinkler for one side of your house (another $60 for the other side). Who is the responsible party here? Why is it that the non-owner should have to shell out at least $120 or more to keep dogs out of their yards when they have no dogs in order to be humane? If someone is irresponsible enough not to clean up after their own pet, who is to say that this animal has regular vet care? This is a health issue for humans as well as for animals. If owners cleaned up after their own pets, property owners and renters wouldn’t have to do things like this. Bottom line … YOU are responsible for your pet! When you don’t clean up after your pet, people resort to things like this! When you do not own a dog and you are desperate to stop the constant pooping in your yard, you will try anything … including cayenne pepper!

  22. Dog owners love dogs more than they do people. Screw the furry beasts. Burn their tonsils out! Go crap on your own lawn.

  23. Quietly watch and follow inconspicuously the dog and owner that poop in your yard and collect some over a week or so and then late one night or early morning make it your regular habit to “return” their lost fertilizer on the dog owners lawn or side walk. Might not change any behavior but it makes you feel better. Especially if you are lucky enough to happen to drive by and get to watch them cleaning off their shoes. Don’t gloat or identify yourself in any way nor share this with a y neighbors. Just enjoy quiet self satisfaction. Respectfully submitted by a responsible dog owner.

  24. It pisses me off to have to clean dog poop off our green belt in front of our house. There are no bad dogs. Just bad owners of dogs. If you don’t like picking up dog poop, don’t freaking own one, moronic humans.

  25. i just killed the weeds and reseded the lawn frount and back and my nabor got a pit bull mix that tried to bite me pit bull bulshit and the basterd is leting the dog off leash piss and shit in my yard not in his yard after the dod tried to bite me i caled the nabor every thing but a white man so now hes moving the nerv of theas dog lovers maby he sleeping with the dog if i had adog and it tried to bite some one he would be gone the next day well thats how people are horay for me and screw you thes animal lovin jack asses care more about a mut than people dont figure

    1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste-dogs are the least of your problems. I cannot believe all the spelling and grammatical errors. Next time type in Microsoft Word.

  26. I will be putting down cayenne pepper tired of neighbors dogs shitting in my yard. I have already spoken with them countless times I’m done talking dollar store here I come!!!!!

  27. Clean up after your pets or take them to a shelter because they will be smelling some hot pepper in the near future!!!!

    1. Why don’t you just go to hell! Give us a call when you get there. We’ll send one of our “pets” to rescue you…..yeah right!!!

  28. I believe the majority of the people here are getting this all twisted. Man is the last species to inhabit this planet. Man is the culprit for removing the natural habitat of other animals – which includes our K-9 friends. If man didn’t consistently take it upon himself to play God K-9 waste would primarily be natural and as much a fertilizer as other creatures. Please let’s go back to Adam and Eve 101 and stop blaming all other creatures for our own doing. We choose to remove the habitat just as we choose to be owners and there should be a 50/50 balance. As for harming another persons pet without due diligence is the same as shooting an unarmed intruder. According to the laws I am aware of – it’s illegal and immoral.

    1. OK mother earth ..put down the crack pipe long enough to absorb some FACTS.

      The LAW says I hav a right to “peacefully exist” on my property. I bought it. Its mine. Stay off it.. you, your dog, your kids, whatever … period.

      If you DAMAGE my property in any way, I get to RECOVER those damages. Period.

      Dog pooop is classified (by the EPA!) and the CDC as toxic so… I CAN recover “damages”.

      In this age of technology, it would be easy to film these violations, especially on a repeated, negligent basis, and file a CIVIL ACTION.

      Think the owner would then get the message ! ?

      When you adopt a dog, you also adopt the RESPONSIBILITY for thqt dog in all ways, if ther dog came on my property and ripped up my set of curtains you’d be like “oh wow they should replace them” .. well guess what, I pout more effort and money into/and my lawn has more value than my set of curtains.

      Lastly, I cant believe I hav to address the fact some are mentioning grammer and typos..hey, I am very well spoken (but cant type for crap) eiher way, even the illiterate has rights to their property if they own it. Period.

      Bottom line, in our society today, you cant “take the law into your own hands” anymore like years ago .. if you use a gun, chemicals, etc the above story shows its possible to get sued.. sooo.. fight fire with fire and file a civil action ! It costs less to file ($35/small claims) than what one person mentioned about a $38 purchase of cayenne pepper shipped to them .. getting a judgement in ANY amount sends a message and provides documentation for further action (trust me, the next amount will be much higher if it keeps happening) nd the act of an action is very intimidating in itself .. post a copy of the judgement on your yard.. plus people talk so they will bad-mouth “the mean property owner”, but they wont sh** on your yard .. lol

      Good Luck !

    2. I’m the only Black person in my neighborhood and I’m the only one not allowed to have pets on my Rental Property, however every morning there are at least 4 to 6 large piles of shit all around my yard. I can’t even take a walk around my yard without stepping in it. The worst part is when I complain or make suggestions to my all White Property Management Team, they keep reminding me I can vacate their property as soon as my lease is up. So what options do I have without causing all of my White neighbors to hate me even more.

  29. You’re all disgusting human beings. I’d happily let my dog eliminate all over your groomed yard, just for being unrepentant assholes. Take a xanax and get some anger management counseling.

      1. I wish a special meatball could be given to the irresponsible owner. That would be true justice because the animals are innocent.

    1. You’re the disgusting human being. Leaving shit piles all over your neighborhood. Don’t own a pet if you don’t want to pick up shit.

    2. No problem…. What’s your address? I’ll bring my dog over to piss and shit all over YOUR lawn, and then I’ll just leave it there for You!!!

      1. You obviously are an ignorant, jackass who believes rules do not apply to you. You are responsible for your dog and karma will one day hold you accountable your spoiled brat attitude and total disregard for your actions as they impact others.

      2. People like you are the problem…..instead respecting.Other peoples property you want get angry and take your dog to do damage….i have people .Who dont like my sign to keep their pets off my propety so they encourage their dogs to pee on the sidewalk which i then have to scrub because the urine smell is horrific right under my dining room window. When I ask nicely people like you tell me to f myself call names and tell me I should move….calm down and be responsible. We always trained our dogs to pee an poop before they left our yard for a walk. If you love your pet why risk its health by taking it into yard that may have pesticides pepper or othe animal deterents. Think about your pet before your own agenda or anger issues

    3. I wished you lived near me. I’d put your dog’s shit on a rock and throw it through your window…

  30. I had trouble with my neighbor letting her dog (terrier) come in my yard and bark st me while my husband and I tried to enjoy our patio. We literally ran that dog off 10 times in one day. I contacted the owner of the house and nothing was done. The dog continued to come around my 6′ privacy fence, into my yard and barked to like crazy at me. Well in my county in SC there are leash laws for cats and dogs so I called animal control and they gave her a warning and she kept the dog on a leash for 2 weeks then started letting the dog run loose again. However in the meantime this chick goes and gets another dig(pit bull) and lets it run loose as well. So I go to meet the mailman who had a package for me and here comes those damn dogs. I had had enough and took a picture of the dogs on my property and sent the pics to animal control. To make a long story short, animal control came back out and gave her over $500 worth of tickets and we are going to court in January. I have a German Shepherd and she stay in my house or on my property the my husband pays the taxes on each year. If you want your dogs then keep them off other people’s propery! BTW the Pitt bull that she was letting run loose was in heat running through the neighborhood. I don’t have a problem with the cayenne pepper. If your dog (or your cat) isn’t on my property then it won’t get a nose full of pepper. Be responsible pet owners!

  31. So glad I’ve found this article because the expensive granules aren’t working and my neighbors let their dogs run free and shit everywhere even next to my door. along my carport… By my garage I mean the list goes on I pick up my dogs shit in my back yard I shouldn’t have to pick up behind anyone else in my front yard when my dogs are never in the front… Cayenne pepper it is

  32. Dog owners if you think it is okay to allow dogs to crap in someone else yard then why not let them crap in yours. You know why you don’t do this because You DON’T WANT IT IN YOURS! KEEP YOUR DOG SHIT IN YOUR ON YARD! If people would do unto others as you would have them do unto you this would truly be a much better world.

      1. If it’s not okay to blame the dog, why would it be okay to blame its parents, which are also dogs but have nothing to do with it?

  33. If the owners really love their dog like they claim then they should be responsible to where the dog takes a dump, it is the owners responsability to know where his dog is, bet that the couple are young and dumb and the fact is that they let their dog walk in somebody else lawn

  34. So glad I found this! There’s this new renter on the block with a pitbull (but of course! What other kind if dog would white trash own??) who walks him on everyone’s private lawn. Not only does he let the dog roam all over, including the garden, but he’s right behind him! Stepping all over the flowers, peeping in first floor windows. The balls on this guy. And who cares that he picks it up, it’s just rude. Can’t wait to leave a shitload of cayenne pepper for his pitbull.

    1. First of all “white trash”?!?
      YOU sound like “white trash”!!
      Don’t blame the dog you dh!!
      Confront the owner.

  35. seems to me if you allow your pet to roam freely into other people’s property. And you are not supervising your pet, then as a responsible pet owner, you are negligent, allowing your pet to be in harm’s way. You do not deserve a pet.

  36. Good idea about the cayenne pepper! My neighbors dogs are precious, but there is a pile of poo in my backyard, and I do not own a dog, nor do I want to clean up after a dog, this is why I don’t have a dog! So cayenne pepper I think is an order for my yard. if you allow your pet to roam freely Unsupervised! then you are negligent of your pets safety and well being.

  37. I wrote a kind letter to my neighbor about the dog poo. A couple days later I see she clearly didn’t get the memo so I go to talk to her and it seemed to go ok but she didn’t come pick up the poo or apologize. So glad I ran across this,I already put down Cayenne pepper and I won’t stop it would be a regular routine sprinkling it on MY lawn to keep her dog from pooing on it! I’ve been wiping out grocery stores it’s time to go to Sam’s club for the bulk!

  38. Excellent info, thank you.
    I’m off to buy a crap load/shit tonne/boat load of cayenne pepper to keep dogs from crapping in my yard. I wonder how long 25lbs will last…
    I am a dog owner who lives on a corner lot and am so terribly tired of people leaving their dog’s crap for me to step in. The last straw was tonight when there was a fresh pile in the middle of the sidewalk. I swear in the name of all that is good, if I catch someone leaving their dog’s pile I will tackle them and rub their face in it.

  39. I just used Lots of Cayenne Pepper in my yard,,,and if the dog owners don’t care enough to keep their dogs from using my yard as their toilet,,,well they better look in the mirror when it comes time for blame if their dog gets sick or soar feet and cost lots in Vet bills!!!
    If you cared for your dog this will not ve a problem for you then,,,correct!!!

  40. Yes, that’s not Charmin Flea-Flea or Fleado uses…….and then nuzzles up to you.

    Where I live, if a property owner simply uses Cayenne… irresponsible dog and pet owners should thank him/her/them. Quite often it’s not cayenne, but lead that’s used around here. And we save a little for the animal, too.

    And if you hadn’t perverted the natural instincts of the animal with your “Oh, Baby”….. crap for an animal that’s got feces breath…….that mutation with four legs & a tail wouldn’t be sticking a nose in such stuff to begin with. An animal can smell the pepper well before it gets to where it is. It takes a very moronic or perverted animal to walk on over to where something is that it already knows is offensive, if not down right dangerous. I used the stuff one growing season and it kept EVERYTHING away…. mice, rats, armadillos, deer, cows, grasshoppers, etc., etc. How is it your Flea-Flea or Fleado is so stupid when animals in the wild won’t go near the stuff ??? Reflecting the owners intelligence (or lack there of), maybe ???

    If you choose to own an animal, that comes with responsibiolities. When you fail to live up to those responsibilities, then you force the rest of us into a bad position of having to deal with your failure(s). You then forfeit any rights to complain on HOW we choose or resort to remedy your irresponsibility. If burnt feet or irritated nostrils is all the animal suffers from your failure(s)……consider yourself lucky or blessed. Personally, I’d sue you for my time, cost, and emotional stress I suffered from your lack of responsibility. That’s if my first shot was for the dog !!!

    Yes, pet owners. That smell you smell when you hug Flea-Flea or Fleado……ain’t from Charmin. Au-natural !!! Some folks sure are peculiar. No wonder their pets are so abnormal.

  41. To the person who wrote about posting signs… you must be joking. Dog owners ignore signs like they ignore common decency. I have signs posted and they are ignored. No one wants your dog’s droppings in their maintained yards. If police would enforce the laws regarding littering, then dog owners would learn respect and responsibility very quickly and this issue would be moot.

    1. We have those signs posted. I have watched dog owners giggle as their dogs actually pee on the signs.

  42. Frankly, I think the dog owner is passive aggressive and took the dog to a vet that obliged for a fee. First, capsicum creates a burning feeling but is not likely to damage tissues. Second dogs are not going to take a great whiff of pepper–they will smell it at some distance and stay away if obnoxious. This is just a pain-in-the-neck wannabe-Buddist speading her ego around the neighborhood via her “poor” dog.

  43. how about this, a 79 year old and hubby from calf. have had a life time of bulling and harrassing neighbors, then say that the neigbor ,, doesn’ t RESPECT THEM after allowing yepper to peee on our homes intake water fosset while they watch, health hazard anyone, pin worms can cause life time health issues for humans…………ALSO thanks for the doc. bills….i’ m for lead,.,………

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  45. Always assume the dog/s to be independent of human presence! Remember, a dog (and sometimes, the owner) is unable to read, so you need to understand that printed signs evoke no proper response.
    Since the dog’s need is to relieve itself, your interest is in making sure it does not do so on your property. Cayenne Pepper mixed with water, applied as paste to curb edge at 5-10 inch intervals along the property line should provide adequate deterrent, not blow away with wind, and last longer between applications.

  46. Dog owners have no respect for anybody else’s property. If my child went into someone’s yard and broke something I would have to pay for it. These people take the dogs for a walk so they mess up somebody else’s yard and not there’s.

  47. Dog owners also have the bad habit of not picking up all the poop that their dog leaves. Especially with medium and large size dogs. How lazy can you be.

  48. if the owners are to stupid,then the dogs will be smart enough to return after a little heat treatment peppers. what really pisses me off ,if you go to there house you will not find piss or crap because its on my lawn. the next time the ass returns im going to piss on his leg. maybe hell learn.but I doubt it.he was a mailman for for 25 years.they are used to doing what they want and getting away with it…look its simple pour ammonia along your property line,problem solved.

  49. Animals have feelings, and rights, and should be loved and protected. Unfortunately sometimes their owners don’t care enough to be a real pet owner and keep their animals where they’re wanted. I love animals, but do I want your dogs in my yard? No. I’ve asked dogs politely to not come in my yard. Its like they don’t understand English though, hmmm. They will only stay away from places they’re afraid of. The only thing animals are afraid of is being hurt. The owner allows them on the property…The owner allows them to be hurt. If I wanted my dog to get shot I’d encourage it to go trespass and destroy other people’s property. Guess what, I DON’T DO THAT. A human trespasses on private property they will be punished. Not because they’re human, because they are not wanted on that property. Same should go for animals, except an animal should have an owner smart enough to protect it and keep it in their own damn yard. YOUR PETS ARE YOURS, NOT THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY’S.

  50. Obviously no one want dog poo and per on their is ridiculous to say landowners should post signs.
    Pet owners should be fined thousands a year and that money given to landowners or the city to fix unsightly dead grass. If rental units allow pets, they should provide areas to walk the pets. Why should neighbors that do not get rental income have to deal w/tenant issues?

  51. Keep your damn dogs off other people’s property. Were sick of people letting their animals crap everywhere and get all huffy and puffy when someone resorts to measures to stop it.

  52. TIME FOR SOME CAYENNE PEPPER! I love animals, I really do however it’s very upsetting when some idiot don’t clean after their dog shit all over people’s private properties and not care about it. I can almost assure you that when their dog shit right in the middle of their leaving room they clean it right away. Someone said ones: “You don’t ask what you already know”. Why do we have to put up signs or ask dog owners to do what they already know? You don’t see a law enforcement in every corner reminding you “not to go over the speed limit” BECAUSE WE ALREADY KNOW THAT! So when we break the law we pay the ticket. When you don’t clean your dog shit, you get CAYENNE PEPPER AND MAYBE A VET BILL TO PAY! LOL. Sorry for those responsible dog owners.

  53. A sign isn’t going to stop a lazy neighbor who commands her dog to come into my yard to poop AFTER she’s been told to stop it. Now I can’t walk through my yard. There is dog crap EVERYWHERE. Dog owner says it’s just pee! So she’s ignorant AND lazy. Do I throw it back? Plant spikes in my yard? Shoot her or the dog? Cause that’s what I’m ready to do. Don’t tell me a sign is going to do anything.

  54. I just brought cayenne pepper myself and sprinkle it on my lawn. This dog owner who been purposely letting there dog go on my lawn before I wake up just did it again 2 days apart. They’ve been doing it for a while now I completely sick of it. I’ve pick it up every time but when I saw it a few days ago I said I will leave maybe it will stop them. But this morning when I woke up I saw more. I am beyond piss off. I’ve been trying to catch the owner but I haven’t so this is the last resort

  55. Out of respect for other person property pet owner should not allow pet on others property. There are many people who work really hard to have a nice lawn and should not be subjected to claning someones elses mess. The property owner has perfect right to put anything on grass as long as it is legal to use. Example some pesticides are dangerous. But end result is pet owner should respect property owner and stay away with pet.

  56. When you have neighbors sneaking around in the night doing it on purpose, on a newly sodded lawn, things can get a bit nasty. A kilo of chili powder is under $10 , got to say this works, I do feel bad for the dog though. I have cctv cameras now but the idea of trawling though hours of footage to send to the council , is just not practical

  57. If dog owners would simply pick up the mess, no issue. I too have neighbors that walk their dogs daily and NEVER pick up unless they are caught, then they give you attitude.

    Be respectful of others. Simple.

  58. The injury to the dog could have been prevented by keeping the dog off of the grass. I love dogs but often don’t like the dog owners because they can be inconsiderate of others. How do dog owners feel when they find poop on their lawn. I’m sure that they don’t leap for joy at the sight of it. If dogs owners had shown some respect for private property and picked up the dogs poop, or better yet not let their dogs poop there at all, there would be no risk of injury to their dogs. DOG OWNERS – PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS…..problem solved.

  59. Dog people are the most inconsiderate people out there, they take the stupid dogs to the store, even grocery stores and restaurants. I personally don’t like dogs and shouldn’t have to be around them at stores. I don’t think they are cute I think they are dirty animals that belong outside. But people treat them like they are humans. There is the problem, they treat their pets like aspoiled family member and let them do what they want. You want a dog, keep it off private property and don’t bitch if it gets hurt from your stupidity. Grow a spine and take responsibility for your screw up and quit blaming everyone else. It’s not every ones job to keep your dog safe it’s yours.

    1. I agree with the very last sentence you said.

      That said, you’re still an insufferable prick, and it is my sincere hope that Lassie lets you moulder and expire down whatever well you may happen to fall down.

      … and hopefully soon.

  60. Outrage because you took your dog to take a crap in front of someone’s front yard, you ought to pay a fee for having a dog a large fine for having your dog crap on other people’s property regardless of you carrying a bag or not, it is still disgusting to walk on a place where dogs took a crap. I tell you what people with dogs fill their mouths with my dog my baby, peoples baby’s don’t go around pooping in front of peoples house’s.

  61. If an intruder enters your property/grounds without your permission, then you have a right to deal with that offender. If a stray animal enters your property without your permission, you have the right to call pest control, who will remove or kill the said pest/animal. If a dog owner, who is legally responsible for their pet, allows it to cause damage, enters someone else’s property without their permission, I am sorry, but it’s the dog owners fault. They should pay for everything.

    But I would not advocate harming the dog. The owner should be made to eat the dog poo their animal has left on someone else’s property. This should be an effective deterrent. Since the dog is under the owner’s control, the owner is liable for anything that happens to it. The vast majority of dog owners I know are responsible, and clean up after their dogs. A persistent, inconsiderate, lazy, and usually anti social few don’t.

    In some countries where stray dogs are a serious problem, attack children, they can roam in packs, carry rabies etc. people are told to shoot them if they see a wild or roaming dog on their property.

    If you intend to put pepper on your lawn, you need to put up warning signs, and add the statement that, this is private property, do not enter. You need to put up a low barrier, small picket fence etc, then add, anyone entering, enters at their own risk, the landowner accepts no responsibility for any harm that comes to anyone entering without the landowners permission.

    The whole law is stupid, and sadly money for lawyers who make it so complicated, primarily to benefit themselves. People should take responsibility for their own actions.


  63. I have had dogs all my life and have NEVER let my dogs poop or pee in anyone’s yard knowing the damage it does. I spend a lot of money on my lawn and find yellowed areas and poop where someones dog has been .Alot of pet owners who don’t own a home or who just live in it and doesn’t care about the lawn and poop doesn’t try to understand.. The law is to pick up poop behind your dog or if it doesn’t bother you,let your animal poop and pee in your own yard first then walk it for exercise. Keep your mess to yourself. If you know that some homeowners try things to stop the irresponsibility of the dog owners then respect your fellow neighbors and stop being selfish after all even though I love my dogs and they are family, it no way supersedes the respect I have for people, human beings, we’re all made in the image of God. Respect one another like you would want the same respect.

    1. After reading many of the responses and opinions, other that using land mines to blow up animals, is there any product known to work well that is legal and not dangerous to repel the neighbors dogs from shitting in my yard?

  64. Recent news had a home owner in a certain area who asked on more than one occasion for someone to keep their dog off the property. The dog owner was arrogant and refused.

    Some time later the dog owner was shocked to learn the dog had fallen ill after visiting multiple yards as usual, later dying. It was discovered that while the home owner was taking care of other pests on his/her property the dog had ended up getting unintentionally poisoned in the process. Dog owner took home owner to court, Judge ruled in favor of the home owner.

    Moral of the true story: clean up after your own animals and avoid letting them use yards private or community as a toilet (unless it’s your OWN yard) If someone asks you to keep your animals (or even children) clear of their yard/property there might be a very good reason. If something happens, be prepared to get nothing for your grief. There are a lot of things that have legitimate reasons for being in one’s yard flowers or otherwise that can be quite harmful to animals.

    You never know if you are letting your pets into a dangerous situation and it’s all your fault.

    Your Pets, Your Responsibility. Your Consequences.

    And for the record there are many safe alternatives to keeping dogs out of yards all it takes is a little common sense or a single internet search to get some ideas.

  65. clean up after your dog. better still, let them poop on your prpperty and you clean it up. problem solved. the cops aren’t any help. they are never around to catch the dog owners. the laws always benefit the crooks. yes I use cayenne pepper.. don’t like it, curb your dog and clean up after it.

  66. laws in phila. only work in rich neighborhoods. the law doesn’t do anything about dogs pooping in non rich neighborhoods.

  67. I live in a community with a homeowners assoc, a county that has a code stating it is illegal to have
    your dog go on neighbors property or any where and not pick up and neither will do any thing about
    my neighbor who will not pick up after her pit. both my dog and myself have had flies on us from the poop so bad (we were in our fence yard) we had to leave the area. we had another person walking
    2 dogs one off lease and was beginning to poop in front of me and when I yelled the owner told me he
    would put me on a leash and told the dog to poop away. Of course, these are the same people who
    would scream if your dog went on their property and you did not clean it up. I AM SO TIRED OF PEOPLE WHO THINK RULES DO NOT APPLY TO THEM AND HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OTHERS.

  68. Dollar Store carries Cayenne pepper. Does not hurt the grass. Have to reapply after rain. Have enough respect for yourself and your home, do not allow people to make a shit hole out of your loan. Do not put other people and their pets above yourself and your family,

  69. This topic angers me!

    While I DO feel bad for the dog that got it’s nose and paw pads burnt, it IS that dog’s owners fult!
    Let your dog shit on YOUR property!

    I won’t use pepper, cause I don’t wish to hurt any animals, other than stupid/useless/worthless humans), but dog walking ASSHOLES have RUINED MY front lawn too and I AM sick of it and I WILL retaliate when it happens!

    First, you have to know that there are at least 22 ILLEGAL mexicunt “families” on my small/short street now (of course 99.99999% of ’em don’t speak ANY English!) and at least 6 chink/ugly ass commie korean gook families on it as well (and of course they don’t speak any English either and also can only ever say Hello and mingle with their own kind on the block and they all self segregate themselves) and ARE all the BIGGEST anti-white racists who naturally ALL have to be loud, obnoxious, disruptive, sloppy and own shitty dogs!

    It used to be an nice, quiet, clean, friendly, safe, upper middle class WHITE/ITALIAN street here where everyone was a “pisan'” and knew everyone and respected one another, but now it’s all gone to shit and is starting to look like an unkempt ghetto/barrio/slum now and it’s no longer safe here, thanks to the liberal democraps letting ALL these pieces of shit from 3rd world shit-holes march uncontested straight into the USA and for writing up all those lax-laws to keep themselves out of jail for the crimes they all do commit daily!

    And of course ALL the filthy foreign ILLEGALS own little and large dogs and know NOTHING about respect nor lawns nor health department guidelines!

    My lawn WAS perfectly manicured by myself, I worked very hard over a 4 year period to get it perfect, spent a ton of time and lots of money to get it perfect and did it all myself, cause that gives me way more satisfaction than I’d ever get from hiring some “landscape company”, which we all know ARE nothing but illegal mexicunt lawn jockeys who don’t know shit about grass or lawns and just push mowers, wave a loud leaf blower for a minute and than they leave!

    And these INCONSIDERATE dog walker fucks just ruin it with their dogs piss and shit!

    All day long little faggy ass Chihuahua’s and Yorkies, aggressive Pitbulls and Rottweilers get walked all over my grass, and of course ALL the punk nigs and trashy spics have to have big vicious dogs to compensate how little their dicks really are and to cover up the FACT that they ARE all on the “down low”. and all love to eat the cock, ohh, it’s so VERY TRUE!

    And it goes on all day long, they walk by talking loudly, yelling into cellphones (unintelligibly, of course), dropping soda cans/bottles, cigarette butts, wrappers, etc., and they all let their ugly flea bitten mutts piss and shit all over MY fuckin’ lawn!

    They either CAN’T read English or just can’t read at all or are just spiteful jerkoffs!

    But, whenever I catch some ASSHOLE in the act of letting their stupid dog(s) piss or shit I go right out and confront them immediately!,
    And if they DON’T pick up their dog’s shit ASAP and run away as fast as humanly possible I kindly do it for them and hurl the shit at them and usually right in their stupid ugly faces, and I have done so numerous times while telling them all “Here’s YOUR dog’s shit, you inconsiderate retard!”., “Now I’ll just go and shit up the front of YOUR god damned property and let’s see how YOU fuckin’ like it!” Asshole!”

    I’m an ex-Army Ranger, so I have no fear of these turds!

    One dumb fat ugly turd bitch, who could hardly even speak the language of the nation it snuck into ILLEGALLY and scams welfare/food-stamps/section-8 housing/cash and medicaid from tried telling me, a natural born, over taxed citizen who fought for this shitty land and is feeding her fat, ugly and retarded kids (who of course all have to be picked up by the special-tardy short-bus every morning, even though we live just TWO short blocks from a perfectly good grammar school for NORMAL American kids), that the strip of grass between the outside of my fence and the curb that IS on MY deed and that I have to pay tax and insurance on “isn’t my property”, so her dog “can do what it wanna do!” all nasty and matter of fact like, that was until my wife overheard, got pissed and came storming out and punched the shit out of the fat ugly beaner bitch, yup, she got a few good shots right in her disgusting moose-pig-face and my old lady also got some help (not that she even needed any) from our also fed up next door neighbor chick who came out to “help”, since she is also tired of having her lawn ruined and having to scoop up other peoples dog shit and trash!

    Fat tubby bitch got stomped out and has never been seen around here since that day!
    I had hoped it would have tried coming back with it’s “man”, so that I could have kicked HIS ass too! And since they ARE all fags I was waiting for her to return with at least ten filthy spics who would have all gotten their malfunctioning brains kicked in!

    BTW, mexicunts almost NEVER call the cops, out of fear of deportation, which is obviously NOT happening fast enough and so the mexi’s will just take the beating!


    I certainly DON’T ever blame the dogs, that would be stupid, and I’ve had many dogs myself over the years and dogs ARE the best, I had one who lived to be 21 years old and had more brains, common sense and instinct than most of the people around here that I know have lol, she wasn’t a “dog” nor a “pet”, she was FAMILY!

    it’s just that I’ve also NEVER EVER let MY dogs shit on anyone else’s grass, ever and I just don’t understand ASSHOLES who allow their mutts to shit up anyone else’s properties!

    My dogs have their own cemented and fenced in run on the side of my home where they piss and shit and where it’s easy to scoop up, bag up, dispose of and hose down after they do their business

    If other people did the same, my lawn wouldn’t be all burnt and patchy now!

    Numerous $45+ bags of good quality grass seed,, pellitized limestone, lawn soil, top soil,, liquids to reduce the acidity in my soil and other soil and grass amenities that I need and use every year to keep MY property looking nice, unlike all of their overgrown “Munster” family looking junkyards, all add up to a lot of MY hard earned money being wasted!

    I DARE assholes to let their dogs shit up MY lawn, I fucking dare ’em!

    Allowing your dogs to piss and shit on peoples properties Is also supposed to be a NYC Health Dept violation/crime (punishable by a $150 fine for a first offense and goes up from there if you get ticketed again), since dog waste DOES contain many germs and diseases which CAN make humans violently sick, but of course the stupid and useless NYPD does NOTHING and NEVER issues fines, unless it happens on one of the streets over in the rich joo neighborhood up on “snob-hill”, than you see tickets start flying around real quick!

  70. Grass? Anyone hear the earth’s in a big drought, even in Seattle? How about people more concerned about the environment rather than pee-stained grass. gawwd.

  71. This is a natural deterrent so don’t get your panties in an uproar. You can get on many websites that recommend using cayenne pepper as a digging deterrent that is not harmful to dogs it just slightly irritates them and that’s it. Maybe people should clean up their dog crap and shut up.

  72. Exactly how much cayenne pepper would I need to do this? My neighbor’s dog shits and pisses on my front porch, her meth-head daughter in law seems think the rain will just wash it away, it’s a covered porch! I caught it in the act on camera! Still nothing has been done to keep their dogs in their own yard!
    I’m tired of it! I own several firearms and could easily remedy the problem, but that wouldn’t be very neighborly. Maybe I’ll start taking a shit and pissing on their front porch!

  73. I recommend grinding up Habanero Peppers to a fine dust and sprinkling it on your yard. Way more effective than Cayenne Pepper

    1. I just moved into my home 4 months ago and have had to clean up shit over 20 times .People purposely let their dogs crap and pee in my yard and I have had enough .I have a 50 lb bag of cayenne pepper ordered and I will also try habanero peppers ! Ty for the tip I pray it works I’m ready to move already!

  74. I can fully understand the reason behind property owners taking measures to stop dogs deficating and uninating on their lawns. First of all those that own dogs should keep them on a leash when walking in neighborhoods and clean up the road or sidewalk where their dog does their business. Second I too was a dog owner once but never ever let my dog run loose and use other people’s gardens as a toilet. IMO people who are too lazy to keep their dogs leashed and clean up after their pets can expect no sympathy if their dogs are harmed on other (people’s property.) Dogs should be walked on a leash and or exercised in a park where dogs are permitted. I have absolutely no tolerance for lazy inconsiderate people.
    Bottom line, keep your dog leashed when off your own property and clean up after your own pet.

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