University of Limerick Students Murder Small Dog as Part of Their Celebrations

Shame on these students and shame on the University of Limerick by allowing them to stay in college. The end of exam times is a very exciting time for many college students but most don’t murder dogs in their relief at being done with examinations. I guess University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland) students are the sick exception.

Shame on these students and shame on the University of Limerick by allowing them to stay in college. The end of exam times is a very exciting time for many college students but most don’t murder dogs in their relief at being done with examinations.  I guess University of Limerick (Limerick, Ireland) students are the sick exception.

A group of drunken students decided that luring a small dog to his death was fun so that’s exactly what they did. The students were celebrating on the college green right after exams ended. According to local residents, a small dog was drawn to the scene. Why the dog was out and unprotected is another matter but for now there is enough blame to see on the hands of the students who actually killed him. The students started throwing a ball back and forth across a very busy road.  Then they started timing their throws to coincide with oncoming traffic. (I guess their “game” was not moving fast enough to really thrill them. ) Before long the dog ran in front of a van and was run over.

The small dog lay dying in agony in the road as the crowd seemed to have reached their pinnacle of entertainment. Then, also according to witnesses, they laughed and jeered at the neighborhood resident who brought them to task.

You might think that the University of Limerick (UL) officials might think this behavior to be worth some punishment, but you would be wrong.  In effect, UL blew the horrific incident off as of little concern. In a statement to the local newspaper, the university said it encouraged any individual that is affected by anti-social activity in the area to report this to the gardaí, and where student involvement is suspected to the university. “The university seeks to maintain good relations with our neighbouring communities and it is with a sense of pride and achievement when student academic, cultural, or voluntary efforts contributes positively to the wider community. The university position is that anti-social activity damages the relationship with our neighbours and under the university’s code of conduct complaints regarding anti-social behaviour are investigated to establish the identity of the individual(s) involved. “

So instead of doing their jobs and kicking these hoodlums to the proverbial curb, the UL leadership said that they will only punish students who have been charged by the Gardai (Irish police).

The President of UL is Professor Don Barry and, according to the UL web site, “Professor Don Barry is the President of the University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland and as the Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for all of the operations of the University.”  If you would like to remind Professor Barry of his responsibility to EVERYONE in the community here is the UL phone number — +353 (0)61 202700. Professor Barry’s direct email address is — [email protected] and his fax number is  +353-61-330027. If you do contact his office remember that the goal is to get the students thrown out of UL, not to scream, yell or otherwise threaten Professor Barry.

55 thoughts on “University of Limerick Students Murder Small Dog as Part of Their Celebrations

  1. An eye for an eye. A cruelty for a cruelty. The students responsible should very publicly be thrown from an overpass into onrushing freeway traffic. People who commit such atrocities do not deserve any second chances and they should not be allowed to live among compassionate, civilized people … because they obviously have no sense of right and wrong, and it is only a very short step to worse deeds.

    1. This article is incredibly misleading. The alleged incident took place OFF campus in a residential area which indeed typically houses many students during the academic year, but this incident took place almost 2 weeks after the end of the term, when the vast majority of students had gone home. The perpetrators may have been any group of kids, not definitely UL students. Nothing concrete has been established. Obviously if the alleged incident did occur as reported, then it is a sickening atrocity and should be punishable by expulsion and criminal prosecution, but until all the facts have been attained, please don’t tarnish all 11,500 students with the same brush. Also, threatening to murder people is hardly an appropriate response. That’s stooping to their level. Jesus.

      1. Regardless if this incident took place on or off campus, regardless if they were college kids or not, this was an act of extreme cruelty and the perpetrators should be punished accordingly! And if in deed this was graduating pupils there should be some sort of academic punishment, no one should feel they have the right to take a life especially that of an innocent be it human or animal! Some people are just sick and they need to be dealt with, this was a sick act!

      2. @ Anonymous, where in the article does it mention the date that this atrocity happened?? A neighbor witnessed it so they should know whether or not they were students. I wonder if you have inside information about this, which maybe why you are identified only by anonymous!!!!

      3. Nah…….some people just need to disappear, stop sharing oxygen with the rest of those who truly care about the lives of innocents, be they four- or two legged. As for “stooping to their level,” that’s about all maggots like this are capable of understanding.

    2. “The students responsible should very publicly be thrown from an overpass into onrushing freeway traffic.”

      That wouldnt be fair – those guys never threw anyone onto the road. The Punishment should be that they have to stand beside that road while a ball is thrown across the road, so that they follow!

  2. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
    Kill,you bastards , if you must,
    But you know,come judgement day
    What you dids’t shal lcome thy way.

    Rot in Hell and if I ever see you, you’llwish you were dead!

  3. Those students are sick in the head. Karma will get them and that incident will forever follow and haunt them.

  4. Sickening, SHAME SHAME SHAME on the university that supports the culture of violence against the most innocent of world’s creatures!!!

  5. How sick & disgusting ! These are the people that are the future ??? They went to college to learn how to be cruel, callous and uncaring ! Karma is a Bitch !!!
    Your day will come !!!

  6. This is horrific. I am astounded that these students were not expelled for what they did. Are these the kind of people the university wants to represent them? Well, considering the horrors perpetrated by the IRA I guess that is just what we can expect from the Irish.

    1. I see you have no problem with the horrors perpetrated by the british government on THE IRISH PEOPLE over the centuries !

      1. What does that have to do with, those people killing a friendly dog, wanting to play ball with those monsters? Nothing at all, but you think its fair and right, for a dog, to be killed, because of what happened in, Ireland?

        1. What has mentioning the IRA got to do with anything either?

          “Well, considering the horrors perpetrated by the IRA I guess that is just what we can expect from the Irish.” is a ridiculous and uneducated thing to say, and to have a problem with someone highlighting that there were two sides to that story is also ridiculous.

    2. The University cannot just expel people without proof or more importantly finding out who they actually are, all these stories are just claims and their is plenty of different stories doing the rounds. Great analogy on the Irish, Consider the horrors perpetrated by the British Empire all over the globe.

      1. True, but in a large crowd of student/young people not one soul had the balls or the conscience to come forward and tell authorities who did it. Really, no one in that crowd or the neighbor who took them to task witnessed who did it and was man/woman enough to stand up against this human trash? We seriously need more people to stand up to bullies and to stand up what is right. Then we need authorities to take that information and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

        1. Yes, you’re right – that’s exactly what’s needed.

          But unfortunately neither the letter writer, the brother-in-law, the van driver nor the dog owner had done that. So it seems they thought the best course of action was to not address it for about 2 weeks and then go public with an assumption.

          Whoever it is deserves their punishment – but it doesn’t help any investigation to wait 2 weeks and then have the focus be on one particular cohort of people.

  7. I truly hope karma works for you. Your comeuppance is coming! As for the university allowing this, may you all go straight to hell! Your best friend Satan will be waiting for you.

  8. The unfortunate individual driving the motor vehicle which killed this poor little creature should seek to prosecute these idiot cruel students who were playing their sad wicked game on the public highway and in fact were endangering all life, human as well as cannine – This cannot go unpunished, you do not play games on a public highway and get away with it no matter who you think you are!

    1. This is actually a really good idea. While we would all just love to drop these horrible excuses for human beings off an overpass into traffic, that is clearly not going to happen. BUT maybe someone who CAN actually do something legally would be the person who hit the dog. If I had been the driver I would be devastated about what happened. I’m not sure how insurance works in Ireland, but maybe they can get the insurance company involved in getting some legal liability placed on these miserable scum bags.

  9. Problem is, nobody actually saw this alleged incident. The story came from a letter written to a local paper by a person who claims somebody else witnessed it, but that alleged witness has not come forward. Neither have the dog’s owners or the driver.

    Right now, this is a story without facts.

    There are no witnesses and no confirmation that it actually happened.

  10. Maybe these “people” with such bad characters will later get senior positions. Maybe even come in the government, have jobs with great resposibility towards their fellow men. Should not think! Their depraved nature they will not lose but maybe disguise well. Poor people who come under their power, for everybody who can do something so mean aganst a defenseless animal will never be a good person to other people. Therefore they should be punished to prevent this from happening.

  11. They should imagine themselves married with a little boy who just got a new puppy. Then imagine their little boy sees his beloved puppy being killed for fun by a bunch of drunk assholes. Watch the horrow and shock on his little face, the tears,the nightmares he endures, and then imagine explaining that his Dad did the same thing to a puppy for fun after graduation.

  12. This is a very irresponsible article, I hope that those responsible are severely punished, but this alleged incident (I say alleged because the only evidence of it occurring was someone telling a newspaper what she heard from a relative) did not even take place at the university campus as is stated….It took place in college court, a nearby neighborhood consisting entirely of private residences (of which some are rented by students)

    It hasn’t been reported to authorities, the dogs owners have not complained, the driver that hit the dog has not come over, and the only recollection of the event has been by someone who wasn’t there.

    How is the university supposed to punish anybody, when nobody has been identified and there is absolutely no evidence that they were even students of the university.

  13. There’s actually no evidence that anything at all happened, apart from an unsupported allegation in a letter to a local paper by a person who wasn’t there.

  14. Heartless brain dead PUNKS your a bunch of idiots and all of you will get yours in time, It’s to bad a little dog had to suffer because of all of you, Real funny all of you i hope are thrown out of school and are put in JAIL!!!!

  15. The article is completely bias. The letter was published in a local newspaper (Limerick Leader) the previous week along with a statement from the University on the matter, only now that it has been picked up by the rags (tabloids) is the matter getting any attention.

    Don’t think for one minute I’m standing up for these scumbags, and if they can be identified and proved that they were the one’s responsible by all means throw them out.

    Right now this has become a witch hunt, targeted at all the Universities students and the university has already stated they will discipline those involved if they are identified. However they can’t take the law into their own hands and attempt to investigate an incident which did not occur on the grounds, and for all we know not involve a university student.

    At this moment in time this whole incident is based upon the hear-say of one individual.

  16. I’d remove their exam results; make them re sit! Then make them work in a dogs home cleaning kennels out for 6 months.

  17. Hideously irresponsible and factually incorrect journalism. As another contributor has pointed out, while the incident was horrible, it did not take place on campus and was reported by just one witness (who has already been proven to have had other outstanding issues with local students). There’s also no proof that it was carried out by UL students and/or that it was intentional.

  18. At the end of the day, justice must be served, people claim that they were students and others are claiming that they are not, well find those responsible and bring them to justice, name and shame them, let their future job prospects be ended the same way they ended that poor little dogs, he has no future now, and theirs should be tarnished for as long as they shall live.

    1. I don’t think I’ve seen a single post claiming that they were not students. I absolutely agree that whoever they are, they deserve punishment.

  19. If I were the dog owner or the poor unfortunate driver in this scenario,in either case I would have been in contact with the police and hopefully someone would connect the stories and investigate.Also, had this road been as busy as stated in the story there should be many outraged witnesses coming forward with complaints. I think I must withhold judgement since there seem to be no facts available but if this has been some sort of hoax to attract adverse attention on the university and it’s students one has to worry about the mind that could come up with such a revolting and repugnant allegation.

  20. Only God knows what happened and what didn’t happen & karma is the Bitch thats responsible for dishing out God’s justice!!! Unfortunately they can’t do it for themselves!!

    1. Really…..because of the alleged actions of a few individuals?

      I’m sure there are cases of animal abuse in your country too, following your logic, nobody should visit any country ever.

      You’re also reacting to a poorly written, misleading article about an event that hasn’t even been confirmed to have happened.

  21. they should be reported to the police ,what are we breading a bunch of depraved barbaric monsters ,kick them out of colledge they dont deserve to breath the same air as normal people x

  22. Esa universidad que tipo de especialidades enseña, los estudiantes se titularan en que?, en psicopatas, bien es sabido que quien maltarta aun ser indefenso, quien utiliza aun ser inocente, acaba siendo un peligro para todo ser viviente de la sociedad.¿ Que clase de personas salen de esa Univesidad?, ¿Que enseña esa Universidad? ¿acaso a perder los valores morales?, que crea esa universidad, gente sin sentimientos, que piensan si es que lo hacen, ¿que quitar la vida directa o indirectamente es divertido?, si es asi que empiecen por quitarse la vida ellos, asi el mundo no perderia nada.

  23. What a scruffy story!!!
    Some alledged LU students, alledgedly provoked the death of a dog by an alledged ball playing across a heavy traffic road…
    The alledged incident was reported by a sister-brother duo after an alledged two week period…
    It seems a Monthy Python gag…


    1. And this alleged high traffic road, is a dead end street with very little traffic outside of the hours where people go to, and return from work (the alleged incident occurred around 2pm)

  24. To summarize the other developments in this story (that lifewithdogs refuse to publish)

    The University (that want to ignore this issue and protect it’s delinquent students) were the ones to report the incident to the police.

    The brother-in-law that witnessed this incident, still with not make a statement in person (remember, it was his sister-in-law that reported it to the paper, a person that never actually saw it.)

    One of the students that was there has come forward and issued their side of the story to the newspaper…….there were 10-15 students, getting ready to move home for the summer, in the middle of the day, NOT DRINKING…..some were kicking a soccer-ball around on the pavement… some point the ball hit a lamp-post and rolled into the street, causing the dog to stand in the street for a few moments, during which time it was run over by a van. The dog limped back to the pavement where it died, the delinquent students checked the dogs collar, but it had no tags with contact numbers, the students also walked to the end of the street to see if the van had stopped, but it hadn’t.

    So according to the student, there was no “drunken students”, it was not a “very busy road” and there was no throwing a ball back and forth to make the dog run into traffic.

    The line in this article that says “according to local residents” should read, according to a disgruntled neighbour that did not witness the incident.

    1. Will if that is as you said, I personally would as soon as the dog appeared would have stopped kicking bouncing or passing the ball, most dogs love to play, where was their intelligence? or should I say common sense! So no matter which way it is put they are still responsible for what happened!

  25. Very evil human beings ,it makes me sick to know we have these lowlifes walking on our streets,why are they not in prison for such a cruel act.?

  26. They should be put in jail and see how they like to be used! Hope this is taken care of in the worst manner, surly the law will make them pay!!

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