Pit Bull Sacrifices Self to Save Owner from Attacker

A fundraiser for Chako’s medical care was started and exceeded within a day, and now he is home recovering with his eternally grateful mom.

11.6.13 - Pit Bull Saves Owner from Abuser1

A pit bull named Chako is recovering at home after being stabbed 12 times. He sacrificed himself and saved the life of his mom, who was being attacked by her abusive partner.

On Halloween, a Richmond, Virginia woman was being assaulted by her abusive partner when her dog, Chako, stepped in.

“As any good dog would do, when he saw her in trouble, Chako intervened and came to her aid, trying his best to keep the attacker from hurting his beloved owner,” Ring Dog Rescue wrote on their Facebook page. “As a result of Chako putting himself in harm’s way, the attacker turned on him and stabbed him no less than a dozen times around the neck and chest.

“Chako was rushed to a local veterinary emergency center but the owner, who survived the attack thanks in part to her beloved companion, did not have the money to pay for life-saving treatment.”

When Ring Dog Rescue and Gracie’s Guardians were made aware of what happened, they banded together to fund Chako’s treatment.

“Veterinary expenses have already exceeded $3,000 which is a lot for two non-profit organizations,” Ring Dog Rescue wrote.

A PayPal fundraiser was started, and within a day all the necessary funds were raised.

11.6.13 - Pit Bull Saves Owner from Abuser3

“We would like to thank the over 200 individual donors as well as the Humane Society of the United States for their generous donation towards Chako’s care! We have now raised enough money to fully pay for his vet bills that were incurred & will be deactivating his Paypal link,” RDR wrote. “We are proud to report he is resting comfortably at home with his Mom. He has a long road to recovery, but is doing well & getting tons of love! We thank each & every one of you from the bottom of our bully loving hearts for pulling together & helping these victims out of a really bad situation We will continue to keep each of you posted via Facebook of updates.”

From Gracie’s Guardians Facebook page:

“Chako has gone home with his mother from the veterinary emergency center and is doing well. He’s keeping food down and slowly beginning the road to recovery. He has bandages that will need to be changed regularly and will have follow up visits to remove his drains and sutures. Chako’s mother wanted to express her sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has donated to Chako’s care and supported him through this ordeal, she really is incredibly thankful for so many good people stepping up to help and wanted us to share that. We also would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone for the donations, comments and shares. We’re still working with Ring Dog Rescue to tally the donations and address the vet bills but looks like the donations will cover a huge chunk if not all of the expenses. We’ll post more updates as we get them, but thanks so much to everyone! The public really helped up to support Chako and his case is a great testament to the courage and loyalty of a dog but also the compassion of a caring public to animals in need of help. Thank you.

“Gracie’s Guardians and Ring Dog Rescue want to send a HUGE (we wish there were a bigger word) THANK YOU to everyone who so generously donated and shared this information. As of now, the donations collected will cover Chako’s medical expenses which ended up close to $5,000. We had individual donors who donated between $1 and $100 and we also would like to thank the Humane Society of the United States for a generous donation they made to help Chako. Between all of the sharing off of our post and the one on the Ring Dog Rescue page, Chako’s story was viewed almost 100,000 times. Amazing testament to the power of sharing and the compassion of animal loving people everywhere. Chako is home now and recovering and everyone who donated and shared has played a critical role in his healing process. As we get updates on his recovery, we will post them. The donation link will be closed shortly. THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE’S SUPPORT!!!!!”

No other information is known at this time, but it is hopeful that Chako’s attacker was arrested and taken to jail.


11/7/13 – UPDATE FROM GRACIE’S GUARDIANS – Chako is doing well and continues to recover with his mother. The person responsible was arrested and there is pending legal activity underway.






21 thoughts on “Pit Bull Sacrifices Self to Save Owner from Attacker

  1. Best Wishes for this Dog!!

    Advise-Once you know you are with an abusive person-get out! Her dog knows it, lets hope she gets it too!!! Put them in jail ladies!!! No you Dont NEED a Man – not one like this!

  2. I wish her well, And good job Chako. DO NOT ACCEPT THAT PERSON OR OTHERS LIKE THEM IN YOUR LIFE.

  3. The American Kennel Club’s charitable offshoot, “The Humane Fund” Has funding that helps victims of abuse escape their abusers and WITH their pets.

  4. Thoughts and prayer go out to chako and owner i sure she’s they have each other cause when the two legged animal act up at least you can depend on the four legged one to do the right thing i told my vet my pit-lab mix is to friendly but she said if i was ever in trouble she’d be there to protect me and i believe it

  5. A guardian angel with paws!!
    Sending chako & his mom all the love and light on their way to recovery!
    Greetz from the Netherlands

  6. A guardian angel with paws!!
    Sending chako & his mom all the love and light on their way to recovery!
    Greetz from the Netherlands

  7. Hope she is not dumb enough to let that person back into her life or the next story we’ll hear about is a dead dog who tried to save his own!

  8. I hope Chako get well soon and the owner “human” take care him like he deserves. I hope this lady think and understand the dangerous person she was with and keep safe Chako he is the right parner !

  9. There are places (*cough* Denver *cough*) where this heroic dog would be forcibly put down for “attacking” a person.

    Breedism needs to stop now. This dog is a hero and deserves a parade for saving his owner’s life.

  10. Chako, may you forver have what all dogs deserve – plenty of good food, shelter with a soft place to lay down your head at night, love, pets and praise (and maybe the ocassional treat too : ) The same things all humans need to be happy…

  11. This story made me cry. As a rule i do not like pits, but i have met several that are wonderful. I had a lab that was always dragging my sons away from something she didn’t like. Would usually be another animal. But one time it was our neighbor. And she stoid in front of them growling at him. Turned out a couple months later he was in jail for child molestation. HOORAY for all heroic animals and may they continue to receive our love and appreciation! Always trust your furry kids’ instincts! And for heaven’s sake, PLEASE use the resources available to get away from that relationship

  12. What a hero this dog is!!! I can’t believe dogs would and have saved the lives of so many humans, and in return, many fall into neglect and abuse at the hands of humans. I’m so happy that this dog has survived this ordeal and is recovering. I love you Chaiko, and I hope you can forgive the monster who hurt you because you are now a Hero to me, and I want to thank all those who donated to Chaiko’s recovery fund, It’s nice to know many people care, and that we lovers of pets are not alone! Pets=Love

  13. Occasional treat? That dog would get as many Scooby Snacks as he wanted for the rest of his life. Too bad Chako didn’t put a severe hurting on the jerk.

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  15. I don’t care how you try to whitewash the facts, the pit bull is still responsible for more vicious attacks resulting in death, than any other breed. All pit bulls need to be sterilized. You want a dog, there are a ton of good breeds that are not so dangerous.

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