Most Amazing Rescue of Dog from Well

The dog grabbed onto the rope and was pulled nearly to the top several times, but each time let go of the rope just before making it out.


A dog being pulled from a well is nothing new.  Sadly, dogs fall down wells all the time.  But this story is really special, because the dog who was trapped helped herself get out by holding onto the rope with her teeth as she was pulled to safety.  It took nine valiant tries, but finally she was saved.


12.28.14 - Dog Grabs onto Rope to Be Pulled Out of Well1


It is unknown where or when this rescue took place, but what is known is that this dog and her saviors have an amazing amount of perseverance.  The dog grabbed onto the rope and was pulled nearly to the top several times, but each time let go of the rope just before making it out.


12.28.14 - Dog Grabs onto Rope to Be Pulled Out of Well2


The man continued to throw the thin rope down, sure that one of their attempts would be successful.  The poor girl was doubtlessly exhausted, but she endured until at last, on the ninth try, she was pulled near enough to the top for the man to grab her by the scruff and haul her out.  Afterwards, the man pet her, and she looked at her hero adoringly.


141 thoughts on “Most Amazing Rescue of Dog from Well

  1. Ugh..I was holding my own breath! VERY difficult to watch but thank God for good people willing to rescue her!

  2. if the idiot filming would have helped instead it wouldn’t have taken so long-nice job on dogs’ part, stupid on “camera man”

  3. Poor baby! Sounds like Burma or Laos..I was screaming at the camera dude, maybe extra hands wouldn’t take that long..just saying

  4. My heart is pounding watching this. Thank God they didn’t give up and thank God the dog was smart enough to know to grab the rope with her mouth.

  5. Please take a moment of your time to read Pablo’s story. He is a stray puppy who got abused by his previous owner who left him on the sidewalk with severe injuries. Unfortunately I can’t afford to pay his second surgery and that’s why I am asking you friends and even strangers with big hearts to do one more good deed now around the holidays and help Pablo as little as you can and share his story. Thank you very much and I wish you all happy holidays!

  6. Poor dog was probably getting so worn out… I’m so glad she made it… she’s smart & looks so grateful at the end…..I hope they covered the well so no other animal or a child would fall in….

  7. Put the damn camera down and help grab the dog w TWO hands. That poor dog falling over and over. Ugh.

  8. Looks like she just had pups recently… And the mouth to the well is quite raised… You know where my brain is going with this. Poor thing(s?).

  9. I believe that a person who holds an animal’s life as valuable as a person’s life has a special place in Gods heart. For if you are a true child of God, you love and protect everything He has created.

  10. Bless them! Much easier if someone went down on a rope ladder and carried the dog up. Food for thought for the next rescue.

  11. Poor doggy fell so many times back into the well. Imagine her fears and terror! So many times she was almost up but fell when she’s just a pull away. The guy filming it could have put down the camera and could have help grab her to safety! All said, still have to comment them in trying to save the dog.

  12. Took them long enough. The guy with the glove was no help in the end. Still, great rescue. I wish more people would at least try! <3

  13. Just proves dogs have feelings, and desire to live. Thailand take note. Soi dog rescue campaign – this just proves what you are fighting for

  14. Well done, excuse the pun, BUT all wells should be covered. Very dangerous, thank goodness she was saved

  15. Goes to show, dogs are smart — along with loyal and able to provide unconditional love to the most unworthy people alive.

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