From Hopeless Mange to Awesome Recovery

No one expected a colorful and happy dog to emerge from a black carcass of a dog, but underneath all that mange, Mable blossomed.

When Animal Aid Unlimited rescued Mable from the streets of India, they didn’t think the dog would make it. She was emaciated, dehydrated and suffered from extreme mange. However, after four days of IV fluids, two months of medicated baths and nutritional food, Mabel made a miraculously recovery.

40 thoughts on “From Hopeless Mange to Awesome Recovery

  1. It is so incredibly irritating to want to watch a video but it has an advertisement from Google plastered across it and there’s an ‘x’ at the top right corner and there is absolutely nothing that you can do to remove that large eyesore from the video. Really, really wanted to watch the video. Tried going to Youtube through the icon at the lower right side and that, too, would not respond. I was stuck with this stupid advertisement plastered across the screen so I gave up watching it. Was that the intended effect that the person writing this article wanted? Too bad. What a wasted post.

    1. Sure there is – just click the X in the top right-hand corner and the ad goes away. I hate these ads, but that’s what you get in today’s society.

  2. The mange is scabies in people. Dog really looked better. It looked as if the whole area contained animals with the mange. I wouldn’t bathe a dog with the mange without gloved and a long sleeve shirt. I would bet there are employees with scabies.

  3. You guys are wonderful for rescuing this dog. I’m sure she will make a great and devoted pet! Thank you for giving her a chance!!

  4. Can’t some one go there and help these animals before they get like that ? It is a shame to see that . The rest of the dogs there did not look much better either. Are they not fixing these dogs ? What seems to be the problem ?
    I could not stop crying watchinfg that video , this needs to stop over there ,these dogs need help

    1. This is a very poor country and these people are volunteers. What do you propose they do? The other dogs here are in various stages of recovery. I’d say they’re doing a helluva job with what they’ve got.

  5. Well at least in this country they worked to get the dog well, in this country we would have put the dog down and not given the dog a chance for life.
    I have to give credit where credit is due, they worked hard to get her well and did a good job. I just hope that the dog will find a loving home and not end up on someone dinner table.

    Thank you for getting her well otherwise

  6. This dog has the most soulful eyes! These stories break my heart but I’m so glad there are people who care. Thank-you!


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