Man’s Emotional Reunion With Dog Missing in California Wildfire

Lawrence Ross wasn’t sure that he was ever going to see the dog he was forced to leave behind when evacuated during wildfires in California.

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As Lawrence Ross arrived at a high school in Lower Lake, California, he didn’t know what was happening to his home, but more importantly, the life of his dog he was forced to leave behind.  Thanks to the work of some special people, he and his dog are safely reunited.

He had to be evacuated due to the raging wildfires in California.  As one could imagine, with all of that worry, Ross looked beaten when arriving to the evacuation shelter.

At first, some people were being let into the area his home was to continue to evacuate animals and property.  When the fires got worse due to weather conditions, officials stopped letting people go back.

“I think my house is OK, but I don’t know, and my dog is there, and m goats and horses and alpacas,” he said.  “My dog, my dog.”

That’s when Ross met Associated Press reporter Brian Skoloff.  Skoloff was planning to head back into the area Ross’ home was to scout out more stories.  Skoloff grabbed his map, and told Ross to circle where the home was.

“Show me where your house is,” said Skoloff.  “I’ll swing by while I’m out there.”

After going into the fray about ten miles, Skoloff came to the end of Ross’ dirt driveway.  Somehow, the home wasn’t yet touched by the fires.  The firefighters were able to keep the flames off of the house.  This was all well and good, but where the heck was Thumper? (Thumper is Ross’ dog.)

Skoloff walked around the burned yard, whistling for Thumper, and calling out to her.  Just as they were about to give up, Thumper came running out from a crawlspace.  She may have been covered in ash and soot, but otherwise she was in good health from what could be seen.

She leaped into Skoloff’s arms at that point, and gave his face a big old lick.  Skoloff was so overjoyed to have found her that he broke out into tears on the spot.

After getting Thumper into a vehicle for safety’s sake, Skoloff called Ross with the good news.

“Your house is OK.  Your animals are fine, and I’ve got Thumper!” said Skoloff.

Skoloff got Thumper over to Ross at the evacuation shelter.  Once there, Thumper pushed her way through the crowds and to Ross, he entire body wagging right along with her tail.

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21 thoughts on “Man’s Emotional Reunion With Dog Missing in California Wildfire

  1. How, exactly, was he “Forced” to leave his Dog behind ? That’s like saying he was “Forced” to leave a small child behind..Explain…………

  2. Let’s not accuse the man…..we don’t know the facts of why he had to leave his dog behind. The dog could have taken off when he was ordered to leave.

  3. He had to leave the dog behind, bull shit!
    He’s obviously a wanker, my dog would be the first and only concern to me. I would already have had the dog ready along with myself.
    Take the bloke back and drop him off in the middle of the fire storm. If he’s lucky “someone” might come by. ?

  4. Never leave any of your animals behind !!!! …. the fires raged for long enough and anyone with any forethought would have moved his animals anyway just in case ?? I wouldn’t leave mine behind no matter what ! !

  5. He may not of been able to get back to his dog. The evacuations were very fast and people were away from their house on a Saturday afternoon when the fire started. Don’t assume he was home during the evacuation.

  6. he might not been at home when the evacuating started. we have friends who were at work and received phone calls from their neighbors saying they needed to evacuate, they were not able to get home in time to get anything.

  7. Unless you have been in an evacuation situation, you have no idea how quickly your life can change and how you might not even be near your home to get back in time to get anything. Especially here in California and now with the extreme drought, fires can happen at any time and rage so quickly. Luckily, there are so many volunteers, fire fighters and police officers helping but I have been in a fire evacuation here in California many years ago and its one of the scariest things to go through while rounding up your animals if you’re even home! So glad he was reunited with Thumper and thank you to everyone who is working so hard to control the fires still raging!


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