George & Amal Clooney Adopt a Rescue Dog

“Today her luck changed for the better when she was adopted by George and Amal Clooney. They were searching for a basset hound and saw Millie’s picture on Petfinder.”

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George and Amal Clooney – ever the do-gooders – have done another wonderful thing for this world – they adopted a dog.  While news of an adoption isn’t always groundbreaking, it is always worth commending a celebrity for doing so, because their behaviors have the ability to inspire others to do likewise.

“She is a four-year-old Basset Hound mix with gorgeous looks that would land her on any ‘Hush Puppies’ commercial,” San Gabriel Valley Humane Society said on their website.

“Despite those adorable googly eyes, pretty long ears, and shorty legs, Millie was found without a home and hoping for food scraps outside of a local restaurant in San Gabriel earlier this month.”


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“Today her luck changed for the better when she was adopted by George and Amal Clooney. They were searching for a basset hound and saw Millie’s picture on Petfinder.   They did a ‘meet and greet’ with her and spent time introducing her to their other rescue, a cocker spaniel named Louie.

“It was good news that Millie and Louie hit it off and the happy, new family headed home together!   We hope Millie will stay in touch and send photos.  Congratulations to the Clooney family and thank you for adopting!”

Give the shelter’s Facebook page a like – maybe you’ll find a dog or cat who you can’t resist adopting!


UPDATE 1/27/16:  George Clooney adopts ANOTHER dog – this time, for his parents.  Click here to read the heart-warming story.

111 thoughts on “George & Amal Clooney Adopt a Rescue Dog

  1. Awww that’s awesome……funny why we still give a shit about celebs and not what a normal person does…because we all know celebrities care about what we do, awesome that the dog is given a great home and a second chance

  2. Liked both of these people before , like them even more now…how nice of them to adopt instead of going to breeder….unless papers are with any dog from a pound they say mix, whether or not they are

  3. This was really nice. They could have spent buckets of money on a designer dog but they did what I think is the right thing. Nice going.

  4. nah, I am sure the housekeeper will take care of him instead. They travel a lot, they won’t stay home to take care of the dog.

  5. Some people revel in the status of a popular fad breed; ANY DOG that needs RESCUE deserves the BEST. ALL DOGS are deserving of love and the Utmost RESPECT…..

  6. That is great. Now if all the super rich actors would SUPPORT their local shelters,no kill especially and rescues,our shelters would be so much better off and be able to do more. And help stop the rounding up and sending to slaughter our wild horses, I doubt their support would put even a tiny dent in their finances

  7. Hope they understand he requires constant loving, if they don’t, he/she will remind them. Bassets love to be loved. I know, I have one

  8. I hope many others come to San Gabriel Valley Humane Society to find their perfect companion dog or cats.

  9. De wereld staat in brand, overal liggen mensen te creperen en George en Amal halen het nieuws omdat ze een hond nemen! Veel gekker gaat het toch, hoop ik, niet worden?!

  10. <3 Petfinder. What you are looking for is generally there….though you may have to travel to pick up your new family memeber….it has proven to be well worth it.

  11. Thank God that some celebrities are adopting shelter dogs instead of paying thousands of dollars for purebreds or GMO dogs which encourage puppy mills.

  12. Way to go George and Amal. I rescued a Basset too. I got her at 9 months old and she’s now almost 10. She’s the sweetest and happiest dog. I love the big paws.

  13. Poor people like me adopt a dog and who cares? Le a celebrity adopt a dog and you my as well make them a hero… Wtf there no better then the next guy that adopts one and nothing is said and know one care… Wtf make them so great? Oh I forgot they have big check books. Really sad don’t you think!!!

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