Senior Dog Left Homeless Because Family Remodeled

A senior dog is left looking for a home for the holidays after her family surrenders her because they remodeled.

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A family in Kentucky decided that now that they have remodeled their home, the dog they had for ten years no longer fits in the picture.  Now, Lexus is at the Franklin County Humane Society shelter, and left looking for a home for the holidays.

According to the shelter’s Facebook post, Lexus lived with her family the entire ten years of her life.  In the Facebook picture, she looks confused and terrified by her new surroundings.

Lexus has been with other dogs before and does well as an only dog, or in a small group.  She’s also excellent with children, and is reported to have a very laid back personality.

Lexus is a senior dog, but that doesn’t mean is in’t amazing.  Could she be the dog addition to your family that you’re looking for?  To find out more you can visit the shelter’s Facebook page by clicking here, or visiting their main page by clicking here.  If you live in the immediate area, you can call 502-875-7297 for more information.


Lexus was surrendered to the shelter after being in the same home for 10 years. Unfortunately, her owner…

Posted by Franklin County KY Humane Society on Friday, November 27, 2015


1,476 thoughts on “Senior Dog Left Homeless Because Family Remodeled

      1. It is very cruel to treat a wonderful dog like this. I do not wish the original owner happiness. You’re a barbarian.

          1. I agree. These morons should never own another animal. I hope she is adopted. Heartbreaking

      2. I can’t put my comment on this in writing due to the content, her sad face shows alot and I’m sorry but it is sad to say her family are not very caring…
        In our house if we have no food our dog (puppy) his nickname gets fed.. They are like children that depend on us for everything in life and to take away her security and love is unspeakable by all means.. I hope this pretty baby has a huge chance at a forever family that won’t toss her wayside due to material items!!!!

    1. I agree. What the heck is wrong with people. I hope she finds a good home with LOVING people who appreciate animals instead of seeing them as objects to own and discard on a whim.

    2. Hopefully she did get adopted! Bless her heart! I swear people that do things like that don’t even need to get a pet.! You’re a heartless P.O.S. I’m sure this dog gave you unconditional love all the ten years you had her and this is how you repay your so-called love and devotion to your pet? I pray the day your ass turns old and grey your family tosses you away to an old folks home because they don’t want to take care of you, I also pray that the renovations you did to your home may a severe flood come and wipe your ass out!!! Now you have a great day you heartless P.O.S!

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I took a cat in from a guy I worked with because after 11 years his wife decided she was tired of cleaning up cat hair- give me a break!

      1. Hell has a special circle all for those types of people. It’s a living being, not a toy. Animals have feelings and can have those feelings hurt. She was probably wondering what she did to make them leave her there. Poor thing, I hope she gets/has a good home.

    1. Kentucky, Virginia, Arizona, Ohio, Delaware, New York. Does not matter where anyone lives, because this happens everywhere. Everyone has an excuse, as to why they no longer want their pet, that has been with them since they were a puppy, kitten. etc: People are Heartless!

  1. What is wrong with people? This poor dog was never a truly loved family pet if they can just get rid of him due to a house remodel. Sick!!

  2. What POS! Maybe some day when they are getting old someone puts them out to pasture. I hope their remodelling was done by a scam artist.

  3. Idiots. Clearly they don’t give a damn about this poor dog. Ten years old, sitting in a strange place without his people and scared. What a shame.

    1. There are times when I can’t stand some people. Your remodel is more important than your family member of 10 years….sick jerks!

  4. That is so messed up that those ppl did that obviously they never loved that dog if they can just up and do that to him but I hope they get there karma for doing this horrible thing to this adorable and loving animal and I wanna say shame on u to the owners u should never be allowed to own a pet again after this bs…

  5. Well now, maybe the hubby will decide he wants a new model, get rid of the old one that no longer fits… would that feel?

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