Senior Dog Dumped for Newer Model Adopted into the Perfect Family

“Chula’s new mom and dad are two of the most loving, patient and caring people, and we knew that they would give Chula the time that she needed to blossom.”

3.16.16 - Senior Dog Dumped for Newer Model Adopted by a Much Better Family1
Chula seems a little unsure, but dad and mom couldn’t be happier!




This comes from our friends at Trio Animal Foundation (TAF):


Imagine that after 10 years of devoted love to your best friend, they decide to trade you in for a newer model… that is exactly what happened to Chula.

When TAF came across Chula at an open access shelter, she was so terrified in her cage that she was not willing to let people touch her. Because of this, she was slated to be humanely euthanized.

There was something inexplicably haunting when you looked into Chula’s eyes… it was a deep sadness that told a story of loss and hopelessness. Chula had not had an easy life and we knew that this was her last chance at redemption. If we didn’t take her then, she would not live to see another day.


With Hazel Grace at the vet.
With Hazel Grace at the vet.




It quickly became apparent that the way to Chula’s heart was with the help of another dog. Chula went to stay with three of TAF’s rehabilitation dogs, Hazel Grace, Miller and Antler. Chula was given as long as she needed to acclimate and used Hazel Grace as a guide for everything that she did. Once she felt comfortable, Chula started going to daycare with Hazel Grace and interacted with all sizes of dogs. Once she felt comfortable with the staff at Unleashed Pups, her world began to open up. Slowly, our little Chula started to learn that the only way that your heart will mend is to learn to love again… and that is exactly what she did.


Cozily snoozing with Antler and Hazel Grace.
Cozily snoozing with Antler and Hazel Grace.




It would take over three months to fully win Chula over and find the absolute perfect home for her. In fact, it was to a home that TAF adopted one of our first dogs to in 2009 and another in 2013.

Chula’s new mom and dad are two of the most loving, patient and caring people that we have ever met and we knew that they would give Chula the time that she needed to blossom in their home. They are pretty much the dream home for a dog that doesn’t know just how truly special they are. We are all made up of scars… some just take a little longer to heal.


Look at this set – it was meant to be!
Look at this set – it was meant to be!




If you live in the Chicago area and would like to give a dog like Chula the home they so badly need, click here to see more of their adoptables.



47 thoughts on “Senior Dog Dumped for Newer Model Adopted into the Perfect Family

  1. Tks ad of Life With Dogs…I got 13 percent, and you?…
    ZS7ODv1 ? start now. ~~>

    let’s like post: It’s fine to trade in a 10-year-old car for a newer one, but this is NEVER acceptable to do with a dog. That’s what happened with little Chula, b…

  2. What the absolute f*ck is wrong with people? I am so happy she found a compassionate and loving home. Those other ‘people’ aren’t fit to be companions.

  3. sorry – i didnt read the thing – i just looked at the happy pack…and then i noticed the dogs going all “yeah right , WHAT??, touch my fam imma F you RIGHT up ok???” …..and it reminded me of my loved ones x hehehe 😉

  4. Some people are so judgemental. I can think of a number of circumstances when an older dog can be responsibly rehomed (not “dumped”) when another dog enters the home. It may not be ideal, but it can be best for dogs and humans alike.

  5. it is NEVER okay to trade out an older animal! a pet is for LIFE a lesson in integrity you do what you say you will Love them for their full lifetime…..

  6. I couldn’t imagine doing this to my boy. I want to be with him everyday for the rest of my life, or till the rest of his. I just love him so much I get sad and cry over the thought of losing him to old age or anything. How can people do that? ?

  7. When you have planned, chosen & prepared to bring a new furry one into your life you make a commitment at that very moment that it is for their life – the good, the bad, the ups & the downs. They give us true love & true loyalty – give them the same and much more. Honour their life by celebrating it with them <3

  8. So the old timer was just dumped like a piece of garbage after all of the years of love that was shown.These people are white trash. I hope when they get old they are thrown out like the shit they are.They should be put on the register so they can not have any other animals.After all they are the cold hearted animals any way.

  9. Stupid trash people who did this to Chula! They will get theirs!
    When my dog turned a senior I never gave him up, I was there for him when he needed me,
    fed him in the mouth, tucked him in bed everynight and gave him his favorite snack cause I knew
    that make him feel happy. I did it for him until God took him from me.Never would I trade him. These people are trash and I hope someone throws them out when they turn OLD!
    damn trash that they are.
    I’m happy for Chula and her new happy family! <3

  10. When are people going to realise when you take a dog on it’s for life to me it would be like someone trading in there child in. For a new one. . My dog is my baby. I’m there for him 24/7 for the duration of his life. That’s what being a responsible dog owner means.

  11. How do you dump, trade in, (whatever the excuse ) your pet? This makes me so sad for that poor baby. I’m glad she found someone who loves her no matter what.

  12. I had my Chloe, she was 7 at the time I got ginger , she was 9 weeks at the time of her arrival. They got along fine until ginger turned 8 months, they fought every time together, outside, inside. So we tried to rehome ginger as we felt she would find a fur ever home easier than Chloe and I would never of given Chloe to anyone. We found a young couple in up state New York, but 2 weeks later ginger was back home with us. Sadly knowing they were not safe together, my daughter who at the time was starting collage living in the dorms stepped up, found an apartment and took ginger. We knew ginger was meant to be in our family (especially when she came back to us) now Chloe has since passed over 5 yrs now and ginger at almost 12 still living and being loved by my daughter. Moral of this story, u do what ever it takes to keep these animals, companions, family members safe. That is our obligation to them.

  13. This guy outlived his owner & on death row when pulled from a kill shelter. Best 5 yrs of our life!

    Remember to put your pet’s in your will

  14. I don’t know how anyone could do that to their family pet. My little chi/terrier just passed this Dec 31 and I had her from 8-weeks old….I could NEVER imagine giving her away – even with all her grouchiness 🙂 She was my baby, my sweet Pooh-bear, we loved her so very much…I would have given anything to have 14 more years with her…..I so dislike people sometimes.

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