241 dogs rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Ohio

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On Saturday Morning animal welfare investigators closed an alleged puppy mill in Maplewood, Ohio. 241 dogs were rescued from the property.

At 8 a.m. Sheriff’s deputies served a search warrant for the residence of Dave and Rhonda Auton, who operate a business called “Pedigree Pets.” The warrant came after six months of investigating the business after receiving complaints from concerned citizens. During the raid they found 241 dogs all in poor health and kept in unfit housing conditions. “All the animals outside, all their water was frozen. I didn’t see any food anywhere,” said veterinarian Dr. Lisa Nadasi who accompanied deputies in the search. “Every (dog) we brought in here to feed is starving.”

The dogs rescued include a wide variety of different breeds. The Ohio SPCA Response Team photographed and documented the dogs as evidence and the Dog Warden is preparing charges against the couple.

2 thoughts on “241 dogs rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Ohio”

  1. Dave and Rhonda need to have the absolute worst sentence that can be handed down and even with that they are not punished enough. There is no punishment bad enough to pay for this crime.

  2. I hope they shut this pet shop down, seems to be affiliated with them also. The laws allow for these puppy mills. Laws have and will change.Keep petitioning writing, calling.. Says Pedigree Pets
    Own This Business?
    Edit Company Info
    Pedigree Pet, Auton Enterprises
    8350 Tawawa Maplewood Road
    Maplewood, OH 45340-9743 map


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