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Dog Scared by Fireworks is Rescued After Getting Stuck Between Walls

by Karen Harrison Binette

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Cairo got stuck in a 6 inch space between two walls when he tried to hide from fireworks. A specialized animal rescue team freed him from his predicament.

Cairo was rescued by SMART (Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team, a unique and highly trained rescue squad working through LA Animal Services in Los Angeles.

This 4th of July, SMART was activated to attempt to rescue Cairo, a Husky mixed breed, that got scared from fireworks the night before and managed to squeeze under a fence that led to a gap between two walls. In his state of fear, he kept going until he ended up stuck in a part merely 6 inches wide.

Team members Nav, Ramon and Mr. Fox knew that the rescue would not be easy so they got to work on a plan to pull Cairo out by his rear legs. Ramon, SMARTs Registered Vet Tech, prepared a makeshift Pole Syringe to lightly sedate Cairo so that the rescue attempt would be bearable for him.

A catch pole was secured to Cairo’s back legs, he was successfully sedated and cooking oil was poured on the two cement walls to help in the extraction.

It took only a few minutes but Cairo was free! Ramon checked Cairo out and gave him a clean bill of health.

Cairo spent the 4th safely inside his home and away from the fireworks.

Watch Cairo’s rescue: