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Sometimes the Least Complicated Option Provides the most Amazing Results

by Fred

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Abandoned as a puppy in a park, in the middle of winter is a bad situation for any dog to find itself in.  When you’re a puppy with badly deformed front paws, things become even more difficult.  This was the first “real world” experience for Crosby, and one could only imagine how alone and afraid one would be in such dire circumstances.

Crosby was rescued however, and brought to a shelter.  Upon examining his paws, it’s was hard to miss the deformities, and many options were discussed on how to handle things.  Ultimately, it was decided that the simplest option was best, and casts were placed on them, and he was sent to a foster home.

It turns out that sometimes in life, simple is better.  At least for Crosby, that seems to be the case.  The casts turned out to be a big success, and as per the video below, Crosby is happy, healthy and has a great set of paws to boot.