Gabby’s Journey From Spain to Her New Home in the US

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asofoSeveral organizations and an international network of dog lovers work tirelessly for the benefit of Spain’s Galgos, or Spanish Greyhounds, as the sighthounds are also known. Galgos are raised for use as hunting dogs or as athletes in lure coursing in Spain and are abandoned or killed in large numbers annually, often in a despicable manner, after the are perceived to have outlasted their usefulness.

Rescuers save as many of  the Galgos as they can, provide them with basic and rehabilitative care, and rehome as many as possible. Some dogs go to faraway homes, thanks to international transport and the efforts of many.

Gabby is one such dog. Gabby became well known to many dog lovers as one of the Fabulous Four. Her supporters raised funds and provided a network of love as she made the transition to a new and better life in the US. An auction run at Facebook raised nearly $10k to help the Fabulous Four, with the understanding that any left over funds would help provide transport for other dogs.

Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue chronicles Gabby’s recent transport to the US in the video below. Gabby landed at JFK Airport before making the final portion of her journey to her new home in Rhode Island.


Hare is a larger view of the slideshow image showing Gabby (formerly called Marylou) before her life was transformed for the better.

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This is Marylou (Gabby) in Spain hoping someone will saver her.


Journey’s end: Gabby resting in her new home.