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6th Grader Honors Dog, Fights for Change in Kansas Law


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Antifreeze poisoning is responsible for causing the deaths of 10,000 animals each year, and after losing his dog, a 12-year-old Kansas boy is asking law makers to do something about it.

Aaron Coash and his dog NikkoAaron Coash and his dog Nikko were best friends, and did everything together. For six years, Aaron would come home from school to find Nikko waiting for him. They visited nursing homes and schools, played soccer together, and even entered a few dog shows. But less than three weeks ago, Aaron was devastated when his dog Nikko died.

On January 19th, Nikko was running loose and ingested antifreeze. The next day, it was apparent that he was unwell.

“He started puking and not feeling well,” Aaron said. Nikko’s health quickly declined and after a week of pain, Nikko died. “The doctor said without a doubt it was antifreeze poisoning,” Aaron explained.

Troubled by the unnecessary loss, Aaron said he became determined to see to it that other pet owners would not suffer the same fate. Acting on his parents’ advice, he’s decided to try to do something about it, and is proposing a new Kansas law with the help of the local Humane Society. Aaron is asking state lawmakers to mandate that all antifreeze sold in the state have a chemical added to make the sweet-tasting antifreeze bitter.

In honor of his dog he’s calling it Nikko’s law.

If you would like to encourage Aaron in his effort to make Kansas a safer place for pets, please sign the online petition in support of Nikko’s law at his website: