Celebrities Team up to Promote Shelter Dog Adoption

by Melanie

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1.23.14 - Celebrities & Shelter Dogs1

Actor Josh Duhamel and Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz recently took part in Pedigree’s “See what good food can do” campaign, which was unveiled at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The celebrities showcased the need for people to adopt by sharing their own dog stories in documentary-style short films.

The See what good food can do” campaign allowed us to go behind-the-scenes to see the real-life transformation stories of shelter dogs,” said Tierney Monaco, marketing director of Pedigree. “I was so touched by these heart-warming stories that truly do show the impact that good food and loving care can make, and I am thrilled that we’re able to share them with America.”



I actually bought my first dog, and I got some flack from friends over it,” Duhamel confessed. “So when it came time to find her a friend, we went to the shelter. It was scary at first because I didn’t know what rescuing would involve and whether I was responsible enough to take care of one… But the amount of work you put in is nothing compared to what you get back.

My adopted dog Meatloaf was my inspiration for beginning to work with shelters and it means so much to me to partner with Pedigree, a brand that believes in caring for and finding dogs loving homes as much as I do. There are so many dogs waiting in shelters that just need good food a little help, and together we want to make a difference.”

1.23.14 - Celebrities Helping Shelter Dogs

Duhamel says it is a shame the Obamas didn’t opt to send a positive message by adopting their dogs rather than buying from a breeder.

I’m sure they had to go through the whole vetting process of what dog would have fit perfectly in the White House. They probably did all kinds of polling to figure out what [dog to get],” he said. “It’s too bad. It would have brought a lot of awareness to rescuing.”



Dogs that are well-fed, healthy and have shiny coats are more likely to be adopted. Pedigree wants shelter dogs to look and feel their best so they have the best chance of having someone bring them home.

A lot of dogs in shelters are neglected, underfed and maybe aren’t ready to be part of family so this is all about what good food can do,” Duhamel explained. “Pedigree has been donating food to shelters across the country. I’m a big advocate of pet adoption.”



Pedigree has donated over 20 million pounds of food to shelters since 2008. In their current campaign, they have promised to donate one bowl of food for every dog story shared on #DogTales. Use the same hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

I couldn’t imagine a day without my dogs Foxxy and Happy. It’s amazing to see how they have not only transformed our family, but also each other,” remarked David Ortiz. “Foxxy is a little bit older, but her spirit and life has truly improved thanks to Happy’s amazing energy. I’m honored to be part of the “See what good food can do” campaign, because I believe in the power of good food to help dogs look and feel their best while waiting for their loving home.”