A Cry For Help: Family Loses Home, Seeks New One for Dog

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Asking for help is never easy – but being wise enough to know when you are no longer able to care for an animal, and making every effort to find someone who can is the right thing to do, no matter how difficult. Today, one of our readers has come to that sad realization, and is asking for help. Anita sent us the following message yesterday:

My home is in foreclosure and will be sold on Feb. 16th 2012. I have found shelter for my son and myself, but I cannot find a place that will allow dogs. I need to find our girl a new home. Boo Boo is a beautiful, loving dog who gets along with everyone, and I can’t bear the thought of her going to a shelter.

She is a great dog, very calm and loving; she loves children, other pets and just about anybody she meets. She is 11 years old (an old lady) but she does not deserve to be put in a shelter and/or put a sleep just because I have to move. Life can be cruel, but she deserves a happy ending with a family who is willing to give her a loving home.

Boo Boo is truly a gentle giant. She is currently located in Michigan. If you think you can provide her with a secure, loving home, please e-mail me at [email protected]

12 thoughts on “A Cry For Help: Family Loses Home, Seeks New One for Dog”

  1. Can you provide information on what area of the country you are in? I would love to take her, but I am unable to do so, and I would love to pass along your story in hopes she will find the perfect home.

  2. What city/state? Also, have you tried looking for breed-specific shelters and/or shelters specifically for older dogs. If you are in WA state, try olddoghaven.org (they also try to help people in your position looking for fosters or owners) or you might give them a call to see if they know of shelters for old dogs in other locations. Older dogs make fine pets – I foster three. Good luck to you!

  3. My prayers go with you and that the beautiful lady finds a loving home. I am so sad that you have to give her up. Please, somebody help thsi sweet animal!! I only wish I could!

  4. I hope someone is able to help. I don’t know what I would do in this situation. Wishing this sweet Baby all the luck and love.

  5. If there were a way to get her to southern Alberta, I would happily give her her ” end of life” home. I have a 13 year old lab and a 19 year old cat. But I’m hoping someone closer will be able to love her.

  6. Just stay in your home until you are legally evicted. There’s way to stay in your house for a while longer without having to be separated from your dog until you have no other choice… You can also drag out the eviction, contest it, file for BK, etc… 🙂


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