Man Sells Puppies From a Bag on NY Subway

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A man was recently spotted on a crowded subway train hawking six week old puppies out of a bag. The salesman pointed out that these were a steal for $250 to $300, because they often command twice that amount.

The man waves the puppies around to attract buyers before giving his sales pitch. Apparently he had five puppies, but the sixth was “smothered”, presumably at the bottom of the bag he keeps them in.

If this practice is legal in the state of New York (we’re still trying to get an answer to that question) something needs to change.

6 thoughts on “Man Sells Puppies From a Bag on NY Subway”

  1. Has anyone considered that they were stolen? With all the dog thefts this year this is certainly a possibility.

  2. It is most definitely not legal.

    Rules of Conduct for the MTA:
    Section 1050.6
    Use of the transit system.
    2. No person, unless duly authorized by the Authority, shall engage in any commercial activity upon any facility or conveyance. Commercial activities include (1) the advertising, display, sale, lease, offer for sale or lease, or distribution of food, goods, services or entertainment (including the free distribution of promotional goods or materials); and (2) the solicitation of money or payment for food, goods, services or entertainment. No person shall panhandle or beg upon any facility or conveyance.

  3. So again I have to wonder about the state of humanity as a whole. If you are videoing this ILLEGAL activity then why the heck did you not call the authorities. Doesn’t that make the person who took the video just as bad. Isn’t that what aiding and abetting is. If you see a wrong then freaking do something about it other than posting it on freaking youtube.

  4. What a creepy guy. Who in their right mind would give him a couple of hundred dollars or more for a puppy whose history is unknown? Sure, purebred chihuahua puppies will go for much more but these puppies are not purebred. If anyone did buy one (or more) they likely did so to save the little things. Hate to think what he planned to do with them if he was not able to unload them for cash.


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