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A dog’s dying wish is fulfilled


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floydAbout a month ago we shared an e-mail we received asking for help to fulfill a dying wish of an elderly dog named Floyd.  Samantha LaBonty wanted to give her beloved border collie one last chance to herd sheep, an activity Floyd had loved as a young dog.

When Floyd was a puppy he had a lot of energy which often led to him getting into trouble. “He tore up my sectional couch; he tore up carpet all the way down to the foundation. He chewed the doggy door out of the wall, he chewed holes in wood fences,” LaBonty said. She finally found an outlet for Floyd when a friend suggested she try taking him sheep herding. As soon as LaBonty started taking Floyd to her sheep he no longer got into mischief.

Every week Floyd and LaBonty would go sheepherding. Unfortunately around seven years ago Floyd developed arthritis. They no longer went sheep herding because of his condition. Floyd is now 15-years-old and LaBonty knows her days with him are numbered. She wanted to give him one last chance to do the activity he loved.

She turned to Craigslist and placed an ad asking if anyone with sheep could help her fulfill this one last wish for Floyd. We posted her e-mail and shared the link to the Craigslist ad and fortunately someone came through. Floyd got one more chance thanks to Handhills Border Collies in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Floyd started slowly but after a few minutes didn’t want to stop. It was a bittersweet experience for LaBonty who said, “I think this is his last sheep herding until at least he gets somewhere where he could do it without being in pain.”