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A Heartwarming Story for a Cold December Morning

by Fred

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12.10.14 - A Heartwarming Story for a Cold December Morning

Jackson is a double doodle.  That means he is half goldendoodle, and half labradoodle.  While sleeping one day, he started to have a terrible nightmare.  Locked in some bad dream, he began to act out a little.  This came to the notice of his friend Laika.

Laika is a goldendoodle.  This means she is half golden retriever, and half poodle.  Laika hops up to where her best friend Jackson is sleeping, and immediately begins to comfort him.  She begins to cuddle with him, letting him know that she is there by his side.

It’s not long, but having his best friend stand with him, even in his dreams seems to comfort him, and he drifts back off peacefully to sleep again.  That all important best friend.  The one that stands by our side no matter what.  It’s what makes life worth it.