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A Memorial Day Tribute for Soldiers and Dogs Alike

by Fred

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Today is Memorial Day in the United States.  A day where we stop and remember all of those brave men, women and dogs that sacrifice so much just to make sure we can enjoy all of the opportunities and freedoms that come along with being a U.S. citizen.  Without the selfless actions of these true American heroes, our way of life could be forever changed.

If you are out and about this weekend, or at home enjoying the day with family, please take a second and thank these brave men and women for their service.  They deserve the recognition, and have earned every last possible bit of respect this writer could possibly give.  Thank you troops!  You guys ROCK!



5.25.15 - memorial13


5.25.15 - memorial11


5.25.15 - memorial9


5.25.15 - memorial8


5.25.15 - memorial7


5.25.15 - memorial6


5.25.15 - memorial5


5.25.15 - memorial4


5.25.15 - memorial2


5.25.15 - memorial1