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A Voice From Above…

by Melanie

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People like to say that the lord works in mysterious ways.  We don’t know if that’s true, but sometimes in life there are certainly signs that seem like they would be imprudent to ignore.  Especially when it comes to dogs.

This story comes from The Animal Rescue Site, which in addition to featuring fan-submitted rescue stories, offers a wide selection of clothing, décor, pet supplies and other unique items.  For each purchase made, a food donation is given to shelter pets in need.


1.25.17 A Voice From Above1


Our family was looking for a puppy after our dog, Christy had passed away. We went to the shelter, but most of the puppies were already spoken for. I was looking for a smaller, fluffy dog. Our sons saw a shepherd mix puppy in a kennel and wanted to visit with her. I said okay, and the volunteer took her to the meeting area for us.

She told us the dog would probably get to about 55 pounds, which was too large for me. Our sons liked her, but I was about to tell the volunteer we didn’t have an interest in the dog when over the loudspeaker I heard, “Christy, please call the office. Christy, please call the office.” I turned to the volunteer and said, “We will take her.” My family looked at me in surprise. I felt our Christy was talking to us from heaven.

Later I realized she was laughing in heaven as the puppy was wild, hard to housebreak, chewed and ate everything in sight. But 13 years later, our Penny is a sweet, calm dog we all love and who just wants to be with us. I guess Christy was right after all.

Submitted to The Animal Rescue Site by Debbie Cassettari of Chino Hills, CA