Actor Jeremy Renner’s Dog Found after Missing for a Month

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hemiAfter missing for over a month, actor Jeremy Renner’s dog Hemi is home safe and sound.  Hemi was found nearly 200 miles away from his home.

A power failure on July 19th at Renner’s home caused the front gate to slide open and allowed Hemi to escape. Unfortunately Hemi wasn’t wearing his tags at the time and wasn’t microchipped. Renner offered a $5,000 reward, created a Facebook page, and did everything he could think of to try to find his beloved French Bulldog.

Last week all the work paid off when the Renner family received a phone call from a woman who said her son had Hemi. It turned out to be true and Hemi was reunited with Renner.

“He was found in Visalia,” said Renner’s rep. “Jeremy is so happy to have his dog back home.”

Hemi was in good health upon his return home. He did go to the vet to be checked over and has also now been microchipped. Renner and his family expressed their joy and gratitude on Hemi’s Facebook page.

“Thank you so much to all of our wonderful fans and followers,” read the Facebook post. “Your tireless work, support, faith, and positive messages helped to bring Hemi home. Because of everyone here – and because of everyone YOU shared with – Hemi is safe and sound, and we are totally elated. We could NOT have done this without you, and for that, you will have our gratitude forever. We are touched by the generosity and love you all have shown to a dog you don’t even know. Thank you for caring so much.”

7 thoughts on “Actor Jeremy Renner’s Dog Found after Missing for a Month”

  1. Wish there was more to this story – like, how did this woman’s son get the dog?

    Was he stolen?

    Glad he is back home though – obvisouly they love him very much! He is a doll!

    • along those lines, ensure to update your dog’s microchip if you move/have a change in your family status.

  2. Glad another lost, but loved, family member has been found.

    I’d be completely lost with out my wee boy.

  3. Jeremy please put a TAGG pet tracking GPS collar on Hemi. TAGG pet tracking on FB.

    • It shouldn’t be about the money, regardless of how little or how much someone can offer. Many pet owners would offer everything they have to get their beloved pet home safely. There are good people out there who helped get this pup home purely from the goodness of their hearts.


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