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Service Dogs Honored with Third Annual K-9 Veteran’s Day

by Melanie

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3.31.14 - Service Dogs Honored

This past Saturday, behind the Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital in Morton, Pennsylvania, several service dogs were recognized for their dedication and hard work.

“They work 365 days a year” Kathy McCarry says.  “They don’t ask for anything in return.”

They truly are unsung heroes.  Even Rep. Stephen Barrar (R-160) joined in to praise the animals and their human caretakers.

“It’s so important that we recognize not just the canines but the families that are here, too,” said Barrar. “It is, it’s like a family.”

These dogs have done some pretty important jobs.  Deuce, a nine-year-old-black Labrador, has been on hand after working to secure Amtrak trains since 2008.  His handler, Nathan Zwanetz of Chalfont, said the pup searched the bags and trains along the Northeast Corridor.  He also protected Vice President Joe Biden’s family.

“In a nutshell, he’s protected kings, queens, senators, presidents,” Zwanetz said, stating that the Lab now spends his days being petted.  “To a handler, it’s just wonderful.”

Among others being honored were Bear, with handler Dan Lunger, and Rocky, with handler Jennifer Cocco, both who have been put into service with the Radnor Police Department.  Lucy, the smallest service dog in the Guinness Book of World Records at 2.9 pounds, was among those honored.

“She’s brought comfort and care where there were tears,” said Dr. Jennifer Johnson, veterinarian and Stoney Creek owner.

Sally Montufar, Lucy’s handler, was overjoyed.

“She’s a rescue dog,” she said. “No one wanted her. She went from homeless to a world record holder.”

The rest of the honorees: Alex, Canine Partners for Life; K9 Astro of the Darby Township Police Department; K9 Bruno of the Delco Sheriff Department; K9 Buddy of Amtrak Police; K9 Chaos of New Castle County Police Department; K9 Charlie of Delco Sheriff Department; K9 Eddie of Delco Sheriff Department; Eddie, search/rescue animal; Ellis, Elwood and Gilligan, all therapy dogs; Ember, search and rescue; K9 Guru, Delco Sheriff Department; Joey, facility dog; K9 Kole of Wilmington Police; K9 Levi of Amtrak Police; Lucy, therapy dog; Mattie U.S. Customs; K9 Nike, New Castle County Police; Ruffy, therapy dog; K9 Sarge, Folcroft Police Department; K9 Spedi of Wilmington Police Department; Spike, search and rescue; K9 Summer, Amtrak Police; K9 Vasu of New Castle County Police Department; Viking, search and rescue; and K9 Yago of Darby Township Police Department.