After waiting three years for a family that would never come back, Chen gets a new home

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For three years Chen refused to believe that his owners had left him behind. He waited in the yard of the home he had shared with them, refusing to leave. They never did come back, but a happy ending was still possible for Chen. Lisa Renstrom came to Chen’s rescue and has found him a new home.

Renstrom, who works with Chap’s Chow Rescue, heard about the Chow Chow from a neighbor. Year after year Chen had stayed outside of his home in Gwinnett County, Georgia waiting for his owners to come back. They never did. “He absolutely would not leave that house,” said Renstrom. “In the middle of the day he would go run and get scraps of food. There was a Kroger and he would pull scraps out of the trash.” Some neighbors reportedly even threw rocks at Chen, but he refused to leave what he knew as home.

Renstrom spent two weeks getting Chen to trust her. Using food and a gentle voice she was able to get close enough to collar him and bring him to safety. Renstrom then spent the next couple weeks finding a good home for Chen. She found one in Ben Rupp.

Rupp was hundreds of miles away in Ohio when he saw Chen’s picture on a web site. Rupp’s own Chow mix named Goldie had just passed away after 13 years. Rupp was drawn to Chen because he had similar features as Goldie. “The pictures and the story, it all came together,” Rupp said. Rupp made several phone calls and took a private jet to go to Georgia and get Chen and give him a new life. It was a bittersweet goodbye for Renstrom at the airport. She had grown close to Chen over the past few weeks. “I hope he’ll be happy,” she said. “He deserves all the happiness.”

7 thoughts on “After waiting three years for a family that would never come back, Chen gets a new home”

  1. What a wonderful ending to such a sad beginning. Shame on the family who deserted this cute pup! Thank you to Mr. Rupp for taking this puppy and giving him a great new place to call home.

  2. How do people pack up their home, load it into a truck and drive away leaving their dog in the backyard to fend for himself for the rest of his life? It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Thank God there are people that take on the responsibility that others so cold heartedly disregard.

  3. It has sadened so many except the owners who cold heartly disappeared out of his life…..and I sure hope and pray that they screen all newly adopted families looking to share their home….with the unwanted and homeless pets, God knows how badly they are needed… God Bless u for saving a life <3 in my eyes u are the truely gifted one with a beautiful heart <3

  4. True animal lovers know how dogs respond to human behaviour, love, kindness and of course all the bad stuff that we do so well. Our dogs are the first and last consideration for whatever we do, work, play, vacation and even sleep.
    The emotion, affection and bond between a human and their dog is way beyond man/animal, my two know my mood and behave accordingly, even being supportive in their own way when the chips are down.
    It’s not a hobby, its actually a relationship despite what people think, when my dogs reach the end of their short lives it destroys me every time, so leaving one behind to move on is completely off the agenda, they are family.

  5. I couldn’t imagine ever leaving my furbaby behind. She is so much a part of my life. I had to move last year and it was difficult to get her into the car to go with me because she absolutely hates riding in the car. But, I made certain not only that she came with me, but had more comfort than I had in the long drive.

    I was more than prepared for that move and she was top of the list in preparations and I’ve never regretted a single thing I did to ensure her comfort. Should I have to move again, I will repeat the process because she is the most precious part of my life.


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