Amazing Images: Your Dogs

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These beautiful captures speak for themselves. Thanks you for sharing, and please continue to do so.
Note: captions supplied where provided.

Boone is a 2 year old chocolate Labrador retriever from the Seattle area.

Eddy Muggz loves to laugh at my jokes. 🙂

This is Oakley – our handsome Pit Bull/Old English Bull dog. He’s 8 months old 🙂

This is Zero, our standard poodle puppy who we traveled 3,200 miles for. My mom found out about zero on facebook (back then his name was Ce Low). Although the trip would be long she felt he was the perfect dog for her. So we packed up the car and made the drive. We then re-named him zero since we drove all the way to mile marker zero to get him :). He turned out to be the best little puppy ever!

Spotty loves to play around the plants in my yard.

Emma My 2 year old Maremma, and Taylor my 2 year old little girl. They LOVE to dig in the dirt together!!

This is Snow. He was born in Manchester England, moved to Nevis Island in the Caribbean when he was 4 months old and now lives in Hawaii. He loves the sea and since I’m a marine biologist that’s a good thing.


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  1. These images are wonderful!

    Thanks everybody for sharing. I guess I’d better get my camera out or my pack is going to feel left out.


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