TX Court: Pets Are More Than Just Property

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If you were asked to put on a price on your pet, could you? For more than a century, our legal system has maintained that pets are only worth the price paid for them. But a Texas Appeals Court has bucked that trend, and has acknowledged that our pets have special meaning that goes beyond fair market value.

To the average family, a pet is far more than just property, and the following report from KDAF explores the case that may be responsible for tipping the scales of justice in favor of those seeking compensation for the loss of a pet.

6 thoughts on “TX Court: Pets Are More Than Just Property”

  1. I could not put a price on my pets. If one them were to be euthanized I’d be furious. They have micro chips and I keep their information current. Just updated the info at petlink about two days ago. There is no excuse as to why this poor dog was killed if it had a hold tag on it. The people at the shelters and pounds and other places that claim to be there for animals need to be held accountable. They need to be careful with how they treat living beings. I hope this suit will bring changes for the better to the animal care facilities.

  2. Today I went to court and the judge said I cannot have my chihuahuas and German Shepherds back, plus I have to pay a restition of 25,000.00 for their keep as of July 14. The Animal control seized them because of the neighbors acres away complained that my young GSD were a nuisance abd looked aggressive, they would chew their way out of their kennels and run on my 20 acres. I got 12 citations for this, them running loose, Then they heard to many chihuahuas in the house and broke in and took them as well as my 2 cats.
    Can’t explain just how lost I am and saddened by all of this and have a felony on my head because of this. My dogs ate better than I did, and loved me so much it hurts to even talk about it. I have lived and raised dogs all my life now retired I have the time to train and play with them. They meant the world to me and gave me meaning of staying alive. Living alone and being harrassed by many people believing what happened on the news media put everyone against me. Tried selling some and did, even giving them away to good homes.
    My life is over, going through bankrupcy, and repairs to the house that an old woman cannot do, means only one thing to me, this is a man’s world always has been and always will be. I give up fighting because I am up against a brick wall with the judicial system. On the other hand this older man has a houseful of dogs inside and out, covered with fleas, and undernourished, sleeping in wire cages in their own feces and urine. But he still has his dogs, and I don’t. All my dogs were AKC and utd on shots, wormed. But Animal control said some had died from parvo; never did my dogs have worms and I gave them their shots. So you tell me, why does AC let this man keep his dogs and my happy, healthy, flealess, wormless dogs will not be released to me. I am not allowed to have any pets for the rest of my life, I’m 69 . This is killing me. How can other states inforce rules that are beyond common sense when I am dying inside for my furbabies. Even when I asked to see the vet’s reports on my dogs for having parvo, the AC did not have them with him. Go figure!

    • Candace, you need to seek legal help.

      If what you say is true, that you were unjustly accused, then you need to retain a “pro bono” lawyer. They can legally request documents on your behalf such as vet records and they can file a motion to dismiss if you were wrongly charged. If you are innocent and you can provide proof of proper care, contradicting you neighbors accusations then you should have grounds for a court case and the return of your dogs.

  3. Hopefully the outcome of this case will set a precedent.

    It’s about time that the justice system was on the same page as the millions of people who dearly love their pets and couldn’t begin to put a price on their value.

    As for the lawyer in this video representing the incompetent shelter workers…well all I can say is “shame on you” for provoking scare tactics that this outcome will only result in higher vet bills.

    Justice should not be weighed by the possibility of indirect effects.

  4. This is one of the most asinine rulings a court has ever made. I have bred and trained dogs for almost 40 years, so I’m not a dog-hater by any stretch of the imagination, but I am realistic. Just because many owners make fools of themselves over their dogs and wax on about the “love” and “loyalty” of their pets doesn’t make it true. The fact is, dogs do what is necessary to be fed and cared for and that’s all. All you who think your dog loves only you and will stick by you no matter what, I have a proposition. Have a neighbor start feeding your “loyal” companion hamburger and steak instead of the processed dog food it gets at home and see how fast your dog transfers all that “love and loyalty” to the neighbor. Dogs may act the fool and dance around and jump all over their owners, but “love” has nothing to do with it. Dogs do what is necessary to survive and that’s all. Love and loyalty are totally foreign concepts to dogs or any other animal.


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