American Bulldog Rescued from Morristown, PA Fire

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On March 26, 2014, a UPS driver alerted authorities of a house fire in the 200 block of Stanbridge St., Morristown, Pa. If it wasn’t for the delivery man, Darius, a black and white nine-year-old American bulldog would have perished in the blaze.

Morristown firefighter Dana Lee carrying Darius to safety.  Photo Credit: The Times Herald
Morristown firefighter Dana Lee carrying Darius to safety. Photo Credit: The Times Herald

The Times Herald said the fire caused extensive damage to the property. The blaze started on the first floor of a twin town home and it quickly spread upstairs and to the adjacent home.

There were no human casualties because no one, other than four-legged Darius, was home at the time of the fire.

Morristown firefighter Dana Lee was photographed carrying the pet out of the smoldering home. The dog was transported to Ryan Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was treated for smoke inhalation and placed in an oxygen cage. The dog made a full recovery.

Lee’s photograph was posted on The Times Herald’s Facebook page and many social media users praised the fireman for his heroic action. And yet, Lee wanted to give credit to other rescue men who he called the real heroes.

“The guys and girls inside fighting the fire and the ones who found him and handed him out the door to me are the ones who should get the credit!” said Lee. “Good job, no great job, to all the firefighters and officers who were here today and every day doing the job.”

We want to thank all fire responders who risk their lives protecting us and our four-legged best friends.


2 thoughts on “American Bulldog Rescued from Morristown, PA Fire”

  1. This just reinforces that all fireman/woman and some police men are absolute hero’s. That picture of poor Darius is so hard to see but so glad that the big boy made a full recovery…I can bet his family are extremely grateful and happy to have his safe.

  2. Great job, Dana Lee and the crew of other firefighters.

    There would be a special place for you in “Doggie Heaven”.

    Wish more people were like you and the people from PA!



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