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Good Samaritan and Cops Rescue Woman and Pets from Icy Lake

by Katherine

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On March 30, 2014, Jennifer Simmonds from Chestermere, Calgary, Canada, went out for a walk with her two pets in Elliston Park when one of her dogs stepped into an icy lake, chasing after a duck, and falling through the thin ice.

Simmonds other dog took after the first pet and eventually fell in too. The woman knew she had to do something to help her pets. She ventured onto the ice to rescue them and expected to fall in as well. Yet, she was ready to do whatever it took to save her dogs’ lives.

Photo Credit: Sarah Offin
Photo Credit: Sarah Offin


As the pet owner walked on the lake’s frozen surface, Stuart Harris was driving by and he witnessed the woman breaking through the ice and submerging into the water. The Good Samaritan, who is knowledgeable in outdoor survival skills, made a U turn and rushed over to save the woman and her pets.

Harris used a rope and slid onto the lake’s surface trying to reach the woman and pets in needs. He too broke through the ice, but hoped other people would come to their rescue.

“I just hoped that if I fell through the ice anyone else would help me too,” Harris told Global News.

Fortunately, someone else had witnessed the events and contacted police. When police officers arrived at the park, they worked in conjunction with Harris to pull the woman and her dogs.

Today, Simmonds and her to canines are alive thanks to the Good Samartian and police officers who risked their lives.

“I’m so grateful there are still a few good people out there who will take time out of their day and try to help someone else out,” said Simmonds. “I like to think I’m that good of a person, I don’t know, but I’m just thankful somebody was for me.”