American Kennel Club Announces Most Popular Dog Breeds in the U.S.

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The American Kennel Club announced its nationwide registration statistics today, revealing that for the 20th consecutive year, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in America.

This year’s list included some shakeups in the top 10 – the Beagle overtook the Golden Retriever for the 4th spot and the Bulldog, who has been steadily rising up in rank, took 6th place away from the Boxer, who dropped to 7th in 2010.

“Not since the early 20th Century has the Bulldog enjoyed such sustained popularity,” said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “‘Bob’ was the first AKC registered Bulldog in 1886, and today the breed enjoys its highest ranking in 100 years at number 6.”

2010 Most Popular
Dogs in the U.S.

2009 Ranking
1. Labrador Retriever 1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd 2. German Shepherd
3. Yorkshire Terrier 3. Yorkshire Terrier
4. Beagle 4. Golden Retriever
5. Golden Retriever 5. Beagle
6. Bulldog 6. Boxer
7. Boxer 7. Bulldog
8. Dachshund 8. Dachshund
9. Poodle 9. Poodle
10. Shih Tzu 10. Shih Tzu

Most Notable Dog Trends On This Year’s List Include:

  • The French Bulldog made the largest leap in the past decade, jumping 50 places from 71st to 21st. Other breeds with the biggest increase in rankings over the last decade include the Havanese (from 86th to 31st) and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (from 54th to 23rd).
  • Closing the gap this year, a couple of breeds that had been on the decline over the past decade made double digit increases over the past year — Keeshonden (from 102nd to 87th) and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (from 115th to 109th).
  • Three new breeds entered AKC’s registry in 2010, and the larger the breed, the higher they appeared in the rankings. The Leonberger, the largest of the new breeds, was ranked 33rd; the Cane Corso ranked 51st; and the smallest of the new breeds, the Icelandic Sheepdog, came in at 82nd.

In addition, the AKC expanded its litter of registered breeds on January 1 to welcome the Norwegian Lundehund, the Xoloitzcuintli and the Entlebucher Mountain Dog – growing next year’s list of Most Popular Breeds to 170 dogs.

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20 thoughts on “American Kennel Club Announces Most Popular Dog Breeds in the U.S.”

  1. So true, Patricia. Every time a movie comes out with a dog in it, that dog becomes the “it” dog to have. Not to mention all the ridiculous “designer” “breeds” (puggles, dorkies, doodles and golden doodles . . .) — like one of the receptionists at one of my vets’ offices said, if they’re not pure bred, they’re mutts just like any other mixed breed.

  2. Whew! Doberman’s flew under the radar again this year!! My two-legger tells me that every time this list comes out she cringes. As the volunteers in rescue are expecting an influx of sick, poorly breed animals that were breed by uncaring back-yard-breeders that do not vaccinate not breed to improve the breed. And don’t get us started on the puppy mills!!!! UGH!!!

    If only humans were smart consumers and did their research before they buy a companion animals I am pretty certain that we would have to kill so many sick and unwanted animals daily.

  3. Shelties are almost always in the top 20, but I can’t remember the last time (if ever) they’ve been in the top 10.

  4. All this means is that these are the dogs for puppymills to breed.

    Did you know at every mill dog auction there is an AKC table there where they register dogs on the spot? How they can stand to be amid so much misery and geed is beyond me, but there they are making money for the AKC. This is why you see the AKC fighting any attempt to regulate breeding or oversee the mills better — it would cut into their bottom line.


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