American Kennel Club Announces Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.

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Look out Lab, the American Kennel Club has announced that the Beagle has overtaken the beloved Yorkshire Terrier to become the third most popular dog breed in the U.S., according to AKC registration statistics released today.

The Golden Retriever also made a strong push into the top ranks – advancing from the fifth to the fourth most popular dog breed – and the Rottweiler made news by unseating the Shih Tzu – which had been in the top 10 since 2000. But fans of the Labrador Retriever need not fear: the beloved Lab remains the champ – a spot it has now held for 21 consecutive years – thanks to its well-earned reputation for playfulness and loyalty and its use as a police and search-and-rescue dog.

“While the Labrador Retriever has proven once again to be a family favorite, this year clearly belongs to the Beagle,” said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson.  “The Beagle’s merry personality combined with his love of outdoor activities make him such a wonderful family pet that I wouldn’t be surprised to see this spunky breed sniff his way to the top of the list next year.”

2011 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.

2010 Ranking

1. Labrador Retriever 1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd Dog 2. German Shepherd Dog
3. Beagle 3. Yorkshire Terrier
4. Golden Retriever 4. Beagle
5. Yorkshire Terrier 5. Golden Retriever
6. Bulldog 6. Bulldog
7. Boxer 7. Boxer
8. Poodle 8. Dachshund
9. Dachshund 9. Poodle
10. Rottweiler 10. Shih Tzu


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68 thoughts on “American Kennel Club Announces Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.”

  1. Devastated that Rottweilers made #10. 95% of people who own them shouldn’t ;( Rottie Rescues are overwhelmed already…and it’s about to get worse. Sigh ;(

  2. I remain wary of the AKC which endorses commercial dog breeding and encourages breeding for exterieur rather than behavioral traits. Beagels are highly social animals – I can only see suffering for the beagels ahead when now the commercial dog breeders rush to add even more Beagals to the saturated market. Don’t shop, adopt! Spay and neuter and VACCINATE. That’s what I want to hear from dog-concerned organisations. [rant over]

  3. The listings are determined by number of new registrations with the AKC during the calendar year. The public is not voting, except with their checkbooks by buying pups and registering them.


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