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American Staffy Mix Kerser a Victim of BSL in Australia


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A few rotten fence planks throw an innocent young dog into the path of Australian breed specific laws (BSL) and a way too early death.

Kerser, a pup of less than two years old now, moved into his new home in Victoria, Australia with his doggie “brother” and his human, Jade, last year. On December 4, 2012 the two dogs broke through a few rotted boards into a neighboring yard. Instead of going straight home, the neighbor called the local ranger from Monash Council. The ranger took the two dogs to the Burwood RSPCA shelter. Thus began Kerser and Jade’s six month battle scheduled to end in Kerser’s death.

If Kerser had been almost any other breed, he would have simply gone home and back to his comfy bed.  But Jade had purchased him six months prior as an American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  He was eight months old. He had never shown any aggression but because he had two marks against him Kerser was put on the euthanasia list.  Jade had not registered Kerser because Jade was in the midst of moving and he was declared to be a member of a restricted breed. The law says that as an unregistered dog who is a member of a restricted breed, he had to be put down.

Jade appealed the decision with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to no avail.  But VCAT upheld the decision. The VCAT deputy president who upheld the ruling said, “The overall impression of Kerser is one of compliance. He may not be a perfect example of a pit bull. However, such a dog probably does not exist.”

Jade has since taken this decision to the Supreme Court, but this appeal has now been denied. Kerser will be killed. He will be euthanized Monday, the 3rd of June at 5 PM. Jade will be allowed one hour with him before he dies.

Jade has appealed to the Australian public to help her change the law so no other innocent dog has to suffer like this, “Please everybody we need to band together to stop BSL. Let’s change this so nobody else has to go through what I am.”

If you would like to find how you can protest on behalf of Kerser and learn more here is Kerser’s Facebook page.