Mighty’s Rescuers Describe Him as “An Energetic Tiger-Hunk” and He’s Just Graduated from Training

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4.1.17 Mighty1


Happy Saturday, Life with Dogs readers!  The weekend is FINALLY here, and we have a really great LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day.  His name is Mighty, and he comes to us from our friends at Mr. Bones and Company in New York.  Mighty is a high-energy dog, however, he just graduated from the Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym, and he’s fully trained and good to go.

Let’s let Mr. Bones and Company introduce Mighty:


4.1.17 Mighty2


MIGHTY had been waiting at the Brooklyn location of our city shelter since August.  We’d met him a few times but didn’t have foster available for an energetic tiger hunk like him.  After one of his advocates and shelter volunteers, Jane, reached out to us, despite being quite full, we simply decided to say YES!  Jane picked this patient boy up on Feb 4, 2017 and took him directly to New Hampshire where we have enrolled MIGHTY in an incredible training program at the highly regarded Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym.  He will be professionally trained in a 4-6 week program to get him adoption ready!

Update: Feb. 20, 2017: Mighty’s trainers, Wendy and Jez, report he is doing very well in his program. Their training has been focusing on manners; sit, stay, wait at the door, walk on a loose leash, settle, come when called, no counter surfing, leave-it and other appropriate home and obedience manners exercises.

They report Mighty is super sweet and very willing to work at all times.  He is food and love motivated. He is a very kind dog and they say they truly enjoy working with him!  Mighty’s greatest adversity is his strength – he is incredibly strong and because of this, they are training Mighty with a Gentle Leader and we are excited to share that he has accepted it very well and is doing great with it.

Mighty has trained near other dogs and has been able to maintain his focus even with these distractions, though we do believe he is dog selective.  Mighty does get nervous when the Gentle Leader or leash is grabbed near his face, so his trainers have been working hard on teaching him it is okay, and he will not be hurt if they slip their hand in his collar or GL.  After some time he has learned to be comfortable with this and is now doing really well with this!

Mighty’s best home will be with someone who is do savvy and has some dog training knowledge (trained their own dogs in the past, etc.) as he is a VERY strong dog.  Overall, so far, his temperament is great – he LOVES people!  We would love to have a foster to adopt home lined up for when he graduates his training program around March 15.  If you are in NY, NJ, CT, PA, VT or NH click HERE to fill out an adoption application for him.  For additional questions, email [email protected].


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Update: Mar. 24, 2017: MIGHTY has graduated! This 65 lb. handsome tiger has left the excellent training team at Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym in New Hampshire after a six week training intensive and is doing phenomenally well! MIGHTY was picked up by his dedicated advocate and volunteer Jane. After a hiking adventure and some QT with Jane, our NYC ACC six-month survivor will settle into our foster program with Liz and Will as he awaits his forever home!

MIGHTY is an estimated 2 years. He walks well on his new gentle leader (pictured) and is very affectionate and playful. This American Bulldog/APBT doesn’t care for cats but enjoys calmer dogs. If you would like to adopt this meatball in NY, NJ, CT and some parts of PA (other locations considered on a case by case basis) please apply online at www.mrbonesandco.org/adopt