An international effort saves Teddy

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When people come together around something they believe in, good things tend to happen.  For Teddy, a 9 month old papillon that was born without eyes, that means an opportunity for a long and happy life just when he was about to be put down.  All of this is thanks to Wanda Jackson, a volunteer with Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego.

“He’s a precious soul. He’s life, he’s loveable,” says Jackson who initially rescued Teddy from a local shelter when he was 3 months old.  He was adopted out, but unfortunately it didn’t work out and he was brought back.  The director of the C.R.S.D. felt that Teddy was a likely candidate for adoption and would be euthanized if not adopted soon.

“He has a passion for life, he loves it, he’s healthy otherwise,” adds Jackson, who then took him back in herself determined that she would find the right home for him.  She began by sharing Teddy’s story with a group called Disabled Dogs and started a Facebook page for Teddy.  The adorable puppy soon had followers around the world and before long a woman from Ontario, Canada who had previously adopted 2 other blind dogs said she wanted him.

The only problem left was how to get him to his new home.  That’s when a United Airlines employee who had been following the story offered to fly from his home in Chicago to pick Teddy up in California and deliver him to his new family.  An emotional Jackson was moved to tears by the compassion and generosity extended by total strangers, all to save this precious little dogs life.

14 thoughts on “An international effort saves Teddy”

  1. I saw this story on WCPO CH.9 news Saturday..touched my heart to see people come together to save this dogs life& see to it that he was happy:) looked for Teddys facebook page,but couldn’t find it..GOOD LUCK TEDDY!

  2. I’m surprised that there is not more outrage about the behavior of the director of the rescue. She was going to kill Teddy because he was “taking up space” in the foster home. This has been verified by the foster mother, who went out of her way on her own to find a good home for Teddy. This is not the way a rescue should operate. If you commit to a dog don’t threaten to kill it because of “space.” This rescue needs to be exposed and called out for this outrageous threat. The term “euthanized” does not apply here, Teddy was not incurably suffering. The director would have killed him because he was more difficult to place than a cute sighted puppy.

    • @Marilyn, for whatever reason, you have chosen to make disparaging remarks about someone you know nothing about. You heard one person’s opinion of a story and you have decided that it gives you the right to add your opinion, even though you do not have the facts of the story. Please look into your heart and realize that you have no right to slam someone for something that another person has said. You do not know the facts of this story. Any shame associated with this story comes from your willingness to spread hatred and anger.


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