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And You Think You Sleep Strangely?

by Melanie

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4.28.14 - Weird Sleeper1


Have you ever fallen asleep on the bed, then woken up in a position that makes you think, “Man, I must have been having weird dreams or something…?”  Or had a friend sleep over on the couch, and you just happen to catch them sleeping in some odd position leaving you puzzled as to how one arranges themselves in that fashion?  Well, meet Phoenix, one-and-a-half-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever, with some strange sleep habits of her own.

“For whatever reason, the breed seems to love sleeping this way. I know her mother is known to do it as are her two brothers,” owner Kelley Gibson said.

One of her brothers, Paco, is featured in one of the photos of Phoenix.

“She took quickly to the top of the couch. She tends to start out on her side and then let out a big, dramatic groan as she assumes her favorite position.”

This position is not just for sleeping, however.  She also plays with chew toys this way, and even prefers gnawing a tasty bone up there, too.

All reasons for this behavior aside, she looks just way too cute doing it, and brings lots of laughs and smiles to all who get to see her.

“I also love that we typically wake up to her belly up above our heads on our pillows as well as the one when she was in heat.”  Being in heat would be the reason for the fetching purple underwear in the one shot.

Take a look below to see Phoenix in action, and if you just can’t get enough of weird sleeping dog photos, you can find more here.

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