Animal Rescue in Michigan to Donate Puppy to Sick Girl

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9.3.14 - Animal Rescue in Michigan to Donate Puppy to Sick Girl

Puppy Breath, an animal rescue from Grand Haven, Michigan have been bottle feeding a 2-week-old puppy to prepare the pup to be donated to a 9-year-old little girl in Wisconsin.  The little girl has been diagnosed with brain cancer, and the dog will be a gift intended to help her deal with the stresses of undergoing treatment for her condition.

In March of 2013, the family of Reyna from Racine, Wisconsin got news no parent ever wants to hear.  Reyna had been diagnosed by doctors with brain cancer.  Being so young, and considering the treatments will not be easy, Reyna will need all the help she can get to fight this disease.

Someone that volunteers with Puppy Breath Animal Rescue found out about Reyna and her situation.  They decided that when a litter of puppies showed up a couple of weeks earlier, that they would name one after Reyna.  This puppy was one of the smaller, frailer dogs to come in with the litter, and is being bottle fed and cared for to ensure it is healthy to give to Reyna.

Abbie Deverney, a volunteer with Puppy Breath said, “We let Reyna pick one out, and she actually picked Reyna (the puppy) out.  So, this is Reyna’s puppy.  She’ll be going to Reyna free of charge.”

Abbie and the rest of the volunteer staff at Puppy Breath only have one goal.  They want to provide Reyna with a dog to give her a sense of companionship and love.

Abbie said, “Our hopes are that she will comfort her and she will bring a lot of happy and life to Reyna that she can actually cuddle with her and just have a best friend with her at all times.”

Trudy, Reyna’s mother said she was extremely grateful.  She’s overwhelmed by the amount of support her neighbors from across Lake Michigan, keeping her daughter in their prayers and thoughts, and are giving her a new best friend.

Abbie knows that with cancer, hospital trips can become quite extensive, and exhausting.  She just hopes that the little pup can inspire Reyna to keep pushing on.

Considering Reyna the puppy s still so small, she requires constant care as well.  The pup will still be staying with Puppy Breath over the next month, until Reyna’s birthday in October.  That’s when her family will be surprising Reyna with her new furry best friend.

39 thoughts on “Animal Rescue in Michigan to Donate Puppy to Sick Girl”

  1. About time the world recognizes that science and medicine can be dramatically enhanced with natural aids…. like puppy love.

  2. Who is actually going to take care of the puppy ? Having a puppy is like having a baby? Seems like ALOT of work with a sick child. Just looking out for the dog. What happens if the child dies? Will it just be tossed aside as too much work after 8-9 months?

    • Mom and family will take care of puppy. She will be a family dog bit Reyna’s constabt companion. If for any reason it becomes to much the puppy will go right back to rescue. Abbie Deverney- Puppy breath Rescue director. We are also paying a year of care/prevebtion for the fanilt

  3. Surely an adult dog would be more appropriate in these circumstances. A dog that has his/her personality & temperament already there. I have to say I wouldn’t chance a puppy on a child any child. I agree also what happens when the child dies! Does the dog get pushed aside!

  4. If you read the article the rescue has been in contact with the family. Clearly if the parens are letting this little girl pick out the puppy, and are saying how grateful the are they have thought about the work it entails. Lastly this rescue goes above and beyond to place the right puppy with the right owner so I can guarantee this has all been considered before the deal went through. There’s that old saying if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. I hope for Reyna and her family they’re blessed with healing and a miracle <3


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