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Saint Bernard Spends a Night Stuck in Ravine

by Katherine

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Lyle Nelson from Washougal, Wash., lives in a 50-acre ranch, right outside town with his four rescued dogs, a Shih Tzu, a Golden retriever and two Saint Bernards. All four pets usually go out on the property with him while Nelson checks on his cattle, but on August 23, 2014, Nelson returned home with just three of his dogs. Greta, one of the Saint Bernards got stuck in a ravine and needed firefighters to come rescue her.

Stock image. Photo Credit: Brad.K/Flicker
Stock image. Photo Credit: Brad.K/Flicker

“I take them two to three times a week to let them run off some energy,” Nelson told The Columbian. “I try to keep a pretty close eye on them but every once in a while they make a break for it.”

The dog owner and his girlfriend Diane Leasure spent most of the evening looking for Greta. They could  hear her barking but they could not find her. Evening turned into night and the pet owners had to go back home because it was too dark. They resumed their search early the following morning.

With the morning sun, Nelson found his pet in a ravine. She was laying down and wouldn’t stand or move. Nelson gave the 130 pound dog some water, she was dehydrated, but even after drinking water Greta would not get up on all fours. The Saint Bernard had injured her paws trying to climb out of the ravine overnight. They were completely raw from the rough terrain.

The dog owner called firefighters to help him bring his dog home. Crews from four fire agencies and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded and lifted Greta out of the ravine using a wire stretcher basket.

Once rescued, the dog’s injured paws were treated and later Greta went home and reunited with her four-legged siblings.

Greta is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.