Animal Rescuers Save Two Chihuahuas Left in Public Bathroom

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Judy Obregon, founder of The Abandoned Ones, says it is very common for the organization to find dogs in need in Echo Park, a Fort Worth, Texas park. For the past two year, The Abandoned Ones have rescued more than 200 dogs and last Saturday they rescued two Chihuahuas abandoned in the park’s public bathroom.

The dogs, a light colored male, and a black, female Chihuahua presumably pregnant, had been abandoned in the bathroom for days.

According to a NBC news report, Obregon found the starving dogs with visible signs of abuse. They were covered in ant bites and the female dog had cuts.

“The black one, she is not doing too good,” said Obregon. “But we will get her there.”

Rescuers are now asking for donations to help these dogs and the many others they rescue every weekend from the same location.

If you would like to help, visit or check The Abandoned Ones on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Animal Rescuers Save Two Chihuahuas Left in Public Bathroom”

  1. God bless these people who care enough to rescue these abandoned animals; it is so amazing that these animals can still love humans after the dreadful things some of them have been through. And for those people, and I hesitate to call you part of the human race, who think it is alright to throw these animals away, abandon them, or hurt them, remember what karma is; it is waiting somewhere for you.

  2. This breaks my heart. These poor animals are probably thinking what they did so wrong to deserve being dumped off in a public bathroom. F U ya douche!!…whoever left them there! You will get your’s one day, I hope its sooner than later!!! and Thank You Judy for caring and rescuing these babies!!


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