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Dogs Brutally Attacked with Machete Are on the Mend

by Katherine

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Two Edinburg, Texas, dogs were brutally attacked in their back yard for no reason at all. This happened last Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, now their devastated owners are looking for ways to raise funds and safe their pets’ lives.

The dogs, Baby and Adam, belong to the Orozco family and they say the pets are friendly and did not deserved this abused.

Baby was brutally attacked with a machete
Baby was brutally attacked with a machete

“They got cut with a machete,” Claudia Orozco told KSLA 12 News. “I don’t know why anyone would do that to them. They are nice dogs they are not aggressive dogs.”

Adam sustained injuries to the back of his neck and Baby suffered harsher abuse, a laceration across her face and a deep cut on her back near the tail.

The Orozcos have no idea who inflicted these brutal injuries on their pets, and therefore they cannot press charges. Authorities hope witnesses to this crime will step up and report the criminal.

Since the night of the attack, the dog owners were curing the pets on their own. The Orozcos do not have the economic funds to cover the pets’ vet bills which will be expensive.

“My parents don’t have money, I don’t have money and you can see the dogs are still fighting for their lives,” Orozco said on Friday, Oct 4th. “We need help getting them stitched up. This is such cruelty to an animal.”

The family feared they would have to make the choice and put their pets to sleep, but a Good Samaritan stepped up to donate money and cover Baby and Adam’s vet bill.

“It’s hard to put your dog down, but it’s better than seeing them suffer like that,” said Orozco’s sister.

For now, the dogs are being cared for at Pet Doctor 911 on 7017 North 10th Street, Suite “T” in McAllen.

If you are interested in making a donation under Adam and Baby Orozco to save their lives, call (956) 683-PETS.


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