Authorities Searching for Man Responsible for Beating Puppy Blind

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There has been a spike in animal abuse cases in San Francisco recently, and the most recent case may be the worst yet. A horrible unprovoked beating on Monday night left a pug-Chihuahua mix with serious spinal cord injuries, brain damage and caused her to go blind.

When the pupp was brought to a local emergency pet hospital in San Francisco on Monday night the staff was stunned and horrified. She couldn’t stand on her own and wasn’t even whimpering or yelping in pain. Animal Care and Control Director Rebecca Katz described it as if she had just shut down. The recovery for the puppy will be long and slow and veterinarians believe she will likely have permanent brain damage and blindness.

“It’s the worst case I’ve seen,” said Katz. “You’d basically have to be a sociopath to do what this person did.”

Police are now searching for San Francisco resident Raymond Gilliam, 40. He is a person of interest in the case and Animal Care and Control wants to question him. Anyone with information on Gilliam or the case should call (415) 554-9400.

Staff at the shelter originally named the puppy Queenie, but renamed her Tory on Tuesday, short for Victorious. To donate to Tory’s veterinary fund go to and donate. You can designate Pug Puppy in the comments section to make your donation directly to Tory.


7 thoughts on “Authorities Searching for Man Responsible for Beating Puppy Blind”

  1. Women with pets [dogs, cats, birds, etc] should be really cautious when ‘hooking up with’ an insecure man. If he feels the pet is getting more attention than he is, he will take it out on the pet, and will eventually ‘get rid of it’–beating and throwing out of the car, apartment, etc. “Oh, poor little _____ he just jumped out and I couldn’t stop it. I looked and looked…….” Thing is, a man who beats on a dog, won’t stop there….

    • stop this man getting hold of another victem, its time for an animal abusers to have a national data base ,photgraphed and name and shamed ,these are definately people thats dangerous , most ceral killers start off on animals , because there vunerabe , whats the next vunerable kids ,who nows how far a satist will go to fullfill there sick depraved, way of getting pleasure ……. evil oxegen theives , group them up and put them on comodo island hand cuffed

  2. I only hope that the same thing is done to the person who did this to a helpless dog; what a man you are; all my love to this dog and I hope that someone comes forward to adopt this dog and give her the love she so deserves.

  3. Unprovoked? As if there would ever be any justification for such a thing. I hope SF has strong animal protection laws and this asshole goes to jail for a very long time. With Bubba, the dog-loving sexual psychopath.


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